Redanian Intelligence Exclusive: First look at a Nilfgaardian set!


It has been seven months since filming of season one of The Witcher began. We have seen various blurry photos from the sets, mainly featuring the locations and occasionally actors as well. We have seen sorceresses, mages, common folk, and even Geralt, but we know next to nothing of what Nilfgaard looks like in the show. That is about to change.

We have been blessed to get in contact with a very resourceful person who provided us exciting photos from the set. Thank you very much, GotLike Locations! Go follow them on Twitter.

From what you’re about to see, we can say that this is part of the Cintra storyline where Nilfgaardian forces besiege the castle. From social media activity, we can place at least Eamon Farren there. Farren plays Cahir, a Nilfgaardian warrior who would have you believe he’s not Nilfgaardian. In the photos, we can possibly see Mimi Ndiweni as the Nilfgaardian sorceress Fringilla Vigo. There aren’t many known actresses of colour in the show who are related to this storyline, so we assume it’s her. We also have learned that Freya Allan hasn’t wrapped yet and is still in Budapest.

So let’s dive in. We present you the Nilfgaardian siege camp:

A look at the camp in daylight.
Closer look at the tents
The black trebuchet
First look at the Nilfgaardian sigil in the show

This has been the camp. After this, the crew started arriving and presumably doing tests for night shoots.

Next up we have the extras arriving on set donning pitch black armour with swords and axes.

What about actors? Well, we possibly have them as well.

Notice anyone? Need a closer look?
Is this Fringilla Vigo that we see?
Is this Tomek Baginski?

And then the long night begins.

The overview
Possibly Fringilla stands by the trebuchet
Meanwhile the soldiers are in the camp.
The trebuchet draws…
And now the soldiers stand in a formation.
See the trebuchet move.

Next we have other photos:

Notice the Nilfgaardian sigil on the saddles

All of this gets us very hyped for some Nilfgaardian action. Meanwhile, despite filming being in its final few weeks, we still have some exciting scoops to share with you. Stay tuned!

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  1. Those pics look very interesting and I can´t wait to see how it will look in the finished version. Also, how do you guys know that Freya Allan hasn´t wrapped yet? Does this mean that she is doing reshoots or some additional scenes? Or is there another reason behind her not being done filming yet?

    1. Her social media suggests she was still in Budapest this week. We don’t know which scenes was she doing exactly, but at least she was doing something.

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