Author: HeroOfRodden

Panel Recap: Lead Artists and Producers behind The Witcher on bringing the books to life

On Friday, a day after the release of The Witcher‘s trailer and the reveal of its December 20 release date, key crew-members from the Netflix production starring Henry Cavill rose to the stage at Lucca. There, they discussed the tireless work that brought this story from the pages of Andrzej Sapkowski‘s novels to the big

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Redanian Archives XI: Behind the Scenes of The Witcher’s Filming in Poland

Redanian Archives recounts the filming of Netflix’s The Witcher with behind the scenes pictures and revelations. This time, we’ll revisit the crew’s exciting detour to The Witcher‘s homeland – Poland. In the ruins of the old Ogrodzieniec Castle, Polish fans were able to spot the crew in the process of filming and provide us with

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Halloween Preview: The Witcher is bringing panels, footage and a trailer to London and Lucca

Netflix’s upcoming hit The Witcher is slated for a release this December, and fans have been craving for another look at the show. Within just a few days, the long wait will be over. Beginning Sunday, October 27 and lasting an entire week, Netflix will kickstart The Witcher‘s marketing campaign during two adjacent events: MCM

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