Unexpected Character Returns in House of the Dragon Season 2

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As the second season of House of the Dragon continues production at Leavesden Studios near London amid the double WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, news of the filming of the successful Game of Thrones prequel has been sparse. George RR Martin continued to update fans of the progress in his blog, and as of now, everything seems to be going smoothly with the Emma D’Arcy, Matt Smith and Olivia Cooke-starring series.

Dyana makes a return


Meanwhile, we can now confirm an earlier rumor that the character Dyana, played by Maddie Evans will indeed appear in Season 2 on the series.

The news is expected to be both a relief, and a surprise to the fans of the series. As viewers recall, Dyana was a servant girl in the Red Keep and was sexually assaulted by then-Prince Aegon in a state of drunken stupor. Queen Alicent subsequently paid her for her silence and gave her the moon tea as a precaution.

However, many viewers were skeptical if it was indeed moon tea meant to prevent unwanted pregnancies or if Alicent went a step ahead and poisoned the distraught girl.

dyana alicent

Well, it turns out our worst fears aren’t true and Dyana is indeed alive. However, what her role will be in Season 2 is up to speculation because plenty has changed since what happened.

Prince Aegon is now King Aegon, who is locked in a civil war with his half-sister Queen Rhaenyra over the Iron Throne. Dyana, being an original character from the series, has no reference in the book to suggest her role in Season 2.

In other news, more new cast

Additionally, we learned that Michael Elkin, Matthew Couchman and Ted Reilly have joined House of the Dragon Season 2.

Elkin has been present in the Wales shoot alongside James Doherty, Roderick Hill and Samson Kayo in early July. As we tweeted above, Ted Reilly plays a crofter and will appear in either episode 2 or 5 of the new season.

With filming more than halfway done, as confirmed by George RR Martin, the production is expected to wrap in September if everything continues smoothly. Do follow Redanian Intelligence for more news of House of the Dragon and other series.

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