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House of the Dragon Season 2 Wrap Dates Indicate a Quicker Production Than S1

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The second season of HBO’s mega-hit House of the Dragon starring Emma D’Arcy, Matt Smith and Olivia Cooke started filming earlier this April, with some of the filming happening on the set of Harrenhal according to our own sources. But when does the new season wrap?

House of the Dragon Season 2 Still Aimed for a Fall Wrap


In January, we reported that the production for House of the Dragon Season 2 was aimed to wrap around September/October 2023. After, we saw a report claiming a December 2023 wrap.

We have checked with multiple sources as recently as last week and each one claims that the September/October wrap date is still the plan if there are no changes down the road.

In total, House of the Dragon Season 2 will have been filmed for 5-6 months, which is almost half as quicker than Season 1. If there are no unforeseen delays, that is.

Of course the difference is that Season 1 was filmed in the middle of the pandemic, had 10 episodes instead of 8, had some reshoots and was a first season, where many things weren’t learnt yet.

The second season has only 8 episodes instead of 10, less pandemic-related issues, and the production has more experience with the series, which likely resulted in a quicker and more efficient production plan.

In any case, we’ll see in the coming months if that plan holds or if they will require a bit more time as the production goes on.

House of the Dragon Season 2 is in production for a 2024 release at HBO. Follow Redanian Intelligence for more news on House of the Dragon as well as other series.

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