Rumour: The Witcher prequel Blood Origin could see an October release date

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After many months of waiting, Netflix still hasn’t announced the release date for The Witcher‘s first live-action prequel Blood Origin. The limited series starring Michelle Yeoh, Laurence O’Fuarain and Sophia Brown recently underwent two weeks of reshoots, as you may remember.

Now, one of our readers relayed to us some supposedly inside information regarding the reason for the reshoots, what was done and what’s the latest target release date. We haven’t been able to verify any of this, so do take it with a grain of salt.

The Witcher: Blood Origin potential release date

The first item is the release date. We initially thought we’d see The Witcher: Blood Origin sometime from May to August 2022, but as the time went by, that doesn’t seem the case. Our reader told us that according to their inside source, Netflix was aiming for an October 2022 release date for The Witcher: Blood Origin.

We can’t say whether that will happen, but even if it doesn’t, there’s still the traditional December date. In any case, we’ll see.

Possibly fewer episodes than intended in Blood Origin

The next thing we were told is that The Witcher: Blood Origin, which is a limited series, now would go from six episodes down to only four due to some major edits. Just going by imagination, it’s not the easiest thing to try and think why this could have been decided and how exactly are they supposed to make 4 episodes out of 6, cutting out huge chunks of material.

As mentioned at the start of the article, this isn’t verified info, so take it with a grain of salt.

More Jaskier in The Witcher: Blood Origin

Back in October 2021, we revealed that Jaskier could make an appearance in The Witcher: Blood Origin in a current-day prologue. The scene would begin simply by Jaskier making an attempt to tell the story of what happened during Blood Origin. He then would be interrupted by an elf, who would tell that the bard’s account isn’t accurate, after which the actual story would begin.

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Our assumption was that Jaskier would only appear in a prologue and never seen again until perhaps the very end, much like older Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit trilogy.

According to our reader’s source, one of the things they did during reshoots was add some more scenes with Jaskier to try and tie Blood Origin more to the main series. Just thinking logically, these could be some sort of interludes between episodes and scenes. Nonetheless, we doubt they added too many if the info is accurate.

Again, we must stress, as we couldn’t verify the information, we advise to take it with a grain of salt.

As to what else we know about the Blood Origin reshoots, we last reported that they were shooting some sort of action scenes at night featuring Laurence O’Fuarain’s Fjall, some extras and an elven camp. Here’s a photo from those night shoots:

For the rest of the info about Blood Origin‘s reshoots, here’s our recap:

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