PHOTO: The Witcher prequel Blood Origin wraps reshoots

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Filming for The Witcher: Blood Origin initially wrapped in November 2021 after a four-month shoot, but after several months of silence, we learned that the Witcher prequel starring Michelle Yeoh, Laurence O’Fuarain and Sophia Brown was having reshoots.

It is unknown exactly why, but considering the very fact that they were needed, it is obvious that some of the material was judged to be insufficient in one manner or another. For the exact reasons and information which scenes were reshot, we’ll need to wait for the press interviews with the cast and crew whenever Blood Origin is released.

Now we can report that after two weeks of additional work, the reshoots for The Witcher: Blood Origin and complete so this time production for the limited series has wrapped for good. In addition to that, we have some photos!

Reshoots of The Witcher: Blood Origin took place in Cowleaze Wood near London

As we reported earlier, the additional photography of The Witcher: Blood Origin took place in Cowleaze Wood in the Aston Rowant National Nature Reserve north-west of London. The night shoots there involved at least Laurence O’Fuarain’s Fjall.

Also we know that they were filming an action sequence in a camp with extras and horses. Take a look at the following photo:

Reshoots of The Witcher: Blood Origin at Shepperton Studios

As we reported earlier, the reshoots for The Witcher: Blood Origin were needed both on location and in the studio. For the studio scenes, it was Shepperton Studios that hosted Blood Origin this time. Intitally, as many can recall, The Witcher‘s studio hub was Arborfield Studios, but then they moved to Longcross Studios, so for Blood Origin didn’t have a “home” for its reshoots.

The studio reshoots took place in the week prior before the Easter break and we know that at least Laurence O’Fuarain (Fjall), Francesca Mills (Meldof the Mad), Amy Murray (Fenrik) and Ozioma Whenu (Niamh) were involved. As for Michelle Yeoh, Sophia Brown and the rest of the gang, we can’t say, but it is possible.

Now that the production for The Witcher: Blood Origin is really complete, the post-production can continue undisturbed and hopefully deliver the final product before the end of the year.

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