A fan-favorite bard to make an appearance in The Witcher prequel Blood Origin


The upcoming Witcher prequel Blood Origin is in its last weeks of filming and while set pictures or other pieces of info haven’t been as frequent, we do have something quite intriguing today about the show that will be placed 1200 years before the main series.

We can confirm that Jaskier will make an appearance in The Witcher: Blood Origin as a narrator, telling the story of what transpired during Blood Origin.

Jaskier sneakily preparing to make an unexpected appearance in a new series

We aren’t certain of Jaskier’s exact screen time, however. Perhaps this is something reminiscent of old Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy, meaning his appearances would be not exactly crucial, but memorable.

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Previously we discovered two connections between the main show and Blood Origin: namely Eredin and possibly Ithlinne’s mother Aevenien. Of course, Jaskier is the biggest link to the main series yet. And that’s understandable. The recent Marvel series, for example, have strong confidence in crossover characters and cameos to make viewers a little more interested and engaged.

With only two months until The Witcher Season 2, there will be much more to uncover and explore very soon. Stay tuned!

2 comments on “A fan-favorite bard to make an appearance in The Witcher prequel Blood Origin”

  1. it seems obvious that Jaskier is going to sing a ballad and a bit of story telling about the olden days. Something like in the beginning of “Blood of elves”

  2. Not unexpected tbh. And I think it would fit the story very well. After all, the bards in the Witcher universe are the storytellers and the books themselves use that technique a lot. Can’t wait to see it.

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