The Witcher Season 4 already mapped out by Witcher creators


The Witcher Season 3 is in full-fledged production in England right now with director Stephen Surjik after a successful week of filming in Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy. Meanwhile, director Gandja Monteiro is location scouting in Wales with DoP  Dale McCready for her episodes of the Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan, and Meng’er Zhang starring Netflix hit.

Director Stephen Surjik recently talked to Brigade Radio about Season 3 and his experience working with Netflix. While confirming that he is indeed directing the first two episodes of Season 3, he also confirmed that the producers and writers of The Witcher have already mapped out Season 4.

Though he did not give any further details, including the possibility of his involvement in Season 4, it is exciting news for The Witcher fans that Season 4 may be close to being greenlit.

Aside from that, Surjik spoke about Henry Cavill and what a class act he is as well as working through the most dangerous period of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

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The Witcher Season 3 is expected to film until August/September 2022 with a release date possibly in Spring 2023. Meanwhile, The Witcher prequel Blood Origin is currently in reshoots and expected to release in the second half of 2022. Stay tuned to Redanian Intelligence and do pop into our Discord server to join in on The Witcher conversation.

12 comments on “The Witcher Season 4 already mapped out by Witcher creators”

  1. One of the best news from Redanian Intelligence. Go ahead, give Season 4 the green light. OMG I love this series so much!!🥳👍

      1. 1) he already expressed his disdain for deviating from source material
        2) season 2 was a flop, horrible reviews on metacritic (limited original reviewers to raise scoring on RT- check it out it is insane when you thing about it, censorship at its best) and lost viewers – with best PR they can say growth is flat compared to s1
        3) the entire fandom (bookers and gamers) literally hate LSH and whenever they try to point things screaming for improvement they are called racists or bigots, so they have to carry on with forced diversity to “wokely” defend their mediocre product and amateur crew – season 3 may be lhe last actually
        4) Henry wants to go back to Hollywood, horrible series may be detrimental to his career
        5) wokeness is starting to cost netflix, they are loosing money, there actually may no longer be netflix as we know it because people are fed up with jewish anti-white idealogy

    1. The second season is in the top 10 most streamed series of all time on Netflix so no, it definitely wasn’t a flop. You can certainly prove to me that Henry Cavill despises the deviations from the books by sending me a link where he says so. You certainly didn’t meet him privately. Does the entire fandom hate LSH? Ridiculous! You’re a small minority that doesn’t realize that your beloved book series is anything but perfect. After I watched the first season back then, I read all the books and couldn’t be happier when I noticed that they went their own way with season 2 because the books are very long and tough in many places. It’s not that bad for books either, but as a series I never needed a 1:1 adaptation. Andrzej Sapkowski obviously agrees if you look at his Season 2 statement. So stop pretending that the book series is holier than the Bible.

      1. stop gaslighting people and pretending that you read anything, because it is highly doubtful. Few days ago there was a post on RI about new spinoff – it has ca. 40 comments – highest number so far, and most of them are highly critical of LSH and rightfully so.

        you want Henry quote, use google I am not your servant. search what he thinks about that russian director they fired, or about working as long as they honor sapkowskis work – it was rather loud on the internet… Mr I read everything, but facts say different story

        stop saying it is about books… s1 was “adaptation” s2 was all about games for christ sake just look at it. the problem is they are so incompetent they cannot satisfy neither book fans nor game fans, it is just a mess. laurens and baginskis fanfic

        s2 is a flop compared to s1, bigger budget, bigger advertising huge s1 numbers did not transfer into better show or bigger audience for s2, people just do not want to watch generic american fantasy. they are just riding on gamers back who are furious for what they have done to Eskel, Kaer Morhen and Vesimir

        You wanna know if this is a flop? compare their numbers to GOT and LOTR that are coming these year, the answer is quite obvious

    2. Oh well, when you compare the series to GOT, they always say it’s ridiculous, but when it comes to the numbers, is it ok to compare the two? Understood.

      No, of course you’re not my servant, but you claimed that he doesn’t like the deviations and if you claim that, you should be able to prove it, which you apparently can’t😂

      And yes I’ve read the books so I can also say that it’s bullshit that s2 is just the games. There are always dialogues that are 1:1 from Blood of Elves, e.g. the conversation between Geralt and Ciri where he tells her that all the “great warriors” he knew are in cemeteries. In the book Coën says that and not Geralt but still. Or the dying mammoth what Lambert says to Ciri. Yes, there are scenes in Blood of Elves that I also missed in s2, e.g. the Rose of Shaerrawed or when Geralt takes a job as a ferry guard on the Pontar to attract Rience, nevertheless, I’m glad that netflix went their own way, just like the games went their own way and twisted things from the books.

      And because of the spin off with the 40 comments: It could be that there were 40 comments against LSH, but do you know what that will bring? NOTHING. The series and the spin-offs are still too successful to be canceled. You will probably have to live with the fact that it will continue for many years to come

      1. it is quite hard to follow your logic. Like objectively

        you started with statement that number of comments are in favour of the series and showrunner/rs (lsh and baginski) but when you found a thread with 90% of comments criticizing artistic choices (fanfic profanation of source material) then it is not relevant because the series will go on…. maybe it will, I love batey, mactavish, i actually like vilgefortz and LOVE rience – hope their careers will blossom, but they destroyed slavic/local folkfore, dialoques, brokilon is gone forever, dwarves are poor mans joke, elves are… not really elves

        why can’t I compare house of dragons, rings of fire to witcher? WHY? I hope RI is gonna cover them both, because then they will become huge

        what kind of proof do you want from henry? on ancient paper with his own blood – testimony of my utmost… dude during witcher interviews he spokes about his willingness to play in W40k, he praised work of director they fired over artistic choices, he has to fight for scenes from the books on set. be serious or is it you lauren? 🙂

    1. It will definitely not be canceled. If you don‘t like the series then I wonder why you even come to this website to inform yourself about the series😂

      1. maybe the same reason season 1 was success? because of AS lore, because of CD projekt games – because of love for their beloved franchise.
        Redanian Intellignce is cool, up to date with no censorhip like reddit shills it is a great catalyst to actually hear all voices and all opinions on the subject.
        I also think they should cancel it, sell it to hbo and make henry showrunner

  2. It is pretty painful to read some comments here. If you don’t like the series, that’s fine, do something else. I happen to mostly enjoy it. And both judging from opinions from people I know, and from public numbers, S2 seems to have been a success.

    And I certainly don’t hate LSH. In fact, I was quite impressed by the way she approached some discussions.

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