PHOTO: The Witcher Season 3 wraps in Croatia, filming to resume at Longcross Studios


The third season of Netflix’s fantasy hit, The Witcher, entered principal photography last Thursday. Series stars Henry Cavill (Geralt), Anya Chalotra (Yennefer), and Freya Allan (Ciri) traveled to Europe alongside other cast members and a large entourage of crew members.

Filming took place in several locations across three countries: the frozen lake Laghi di Fusine in northern Italy, the castle-like St. Jerome’s church in Slovenia’s Nanos plateau, the Predjama Castle also in Slovenia and the sunny Zala Stara Baska beach on the Croatian island of Krk.

Though these locations are visually distinct, they’re actually quite close geographically, so the Witcher crew were able to quickly jump from one location to the next and wrap filming this Wednesday. Read on for a quick recap including new pictures of the set in Croatia.

The last day of The Witcher Season 3 in Croatia

UPDATE: Contrary to what we thought, Croatian media weren’t sleeping and took a few good pictures from the day of filming, and they confirm Freya Allan‘s presence as well.

Thanks to our partner and Redanian Intelligence team member @GoTlikeLocations, we learned that filming took place on Zala Stara Baska beach in Croatia for exactly one day after the crew prepared the location. The preparations included building a structure beside the nearby ruins, and we have some pictures of the set as it was being dismantled.

We don’t know exactly what this set looked like when filming took place, though it does look like it could be some sort of cottage. In these pictures, it even looks a bit like a smoldering ruin, but that might just be because the set has been taken apart. Or perhaps that structure was burned for the scene? Take a look at these exclusive images.

While we don’t have any confirmation regarding the cast members present for filming on the Croatian beach, we have learned that Freya Allan was on the island around that time, so it seems quite likely that the scene shot on the beach involves Ciri. If you have any ideas about what scene could involve Ciri and a beach-side cottage or ruin, we’d love to hear it.

Recap: The Witcher Season 3’s brief tour

We’ve covered the filming at the Slovenian Predjama Castle extensively, including some great pictures provided by our team, the locals, and even a fortunately located live webcam. Those images proved that, besides the main cast, several other cast members and, in particular, those who portray sorceresses, were present for filming.

READ MORE: Main cast and mages convene at Predjama Castle for The Witcher 3 filming

An official tweet from The Witcher‘s Twitter account (linked above) confirmed our suspicions about filming in the frozen lake in Northern Italy, where we believed Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri had reunited for an early season three scene. That being said, we haven’t learned much about the filming in Croatia until today.

Zala Stara Baska beach in Croatia, notice the ruins at the top where The Witcher season three was filmed

Next up: Longcross Studios

Longcross Studios
Longcross Studios, The Witcher’s new production headquarters in England

With The Witcher‘s first week of location shoots concluded, the cast and crew are traveling back to the Witcher’s new home base in Longcross Studios near England. This marks a shift from Arborfield Studios, where Netflix filmed most of season two.

With production moving into the studio, it’s likely that information will become a bit rarer in the coming weeks, but there are still a number of new cast members that have yet to be announced. Expect an announcement soon and, failing that, we’ll try to uncover these cast members ourselves as we did with three new cast members already.

That’ll be all for today’s update. Make sure to follow our Twitter page for regular updates from the Continent as filming of the third season continues.

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  1. it is very good that RI is growing. I hope you are gonna cover LOTR and GOT on main page as well – we could evaluate quality of adaptation with those blockbusters.

    In terms of netflix work, well this book is the best in the series, politics, intrique, great plot and action. However we should not underestimate Lauren and her ability to destroy what is best in AS books. it is quite amazing that before she married and eskimo to help her career she was actually doing soap operas. She should be great with love, friendship… she destroyed brokilon forest plot, she destroyed Yen and Ciri dynamic. And the banquet scene is coming…

    What I mean that if they gonna go south with the best book is the series – I hope they are gonna cancel the series and hire GOT people to make a remake of witcher or sell it to HBO

  2. I know there’s a sequence where Ciri teleports to a desert in TOC. From the pics this looks like a desert landscape. Hmmmm

  3. So soon? It seems they went into a lot of trouble for such a little time. I wonder what scenes they were filming. Anyway, I hope the filming goes smoothly and we’ll get a spring release.

  4. No, I was hoping they’d be in Croatia for longer!

    My guess, seeing the locations photos and the set they built there (and the fact that Ciri’s actress was allegedly on the island), I’m thinking this is the scene where Ciri got captured in the Korath desert, where the Rats helped her escape. The construction is located further from rhe sea, and if you short so the sea isn’t visible it could reliably pass as a desert

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