The Witcher finds its Aplegatt for Season 3 and more

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The production of The Witcher‘s third season has finally started. Currently, the scenes are shooting in Italy and Slovenia. However, we know that many are waiting primarily for new names in the cast. So far, we have been able to confirm that Safiyya Ingar has joined the cast of Season 3. Today we can reveal two more names.

The first of them is Jim Sturgeon. For the upcoming season, Sturgeon was cast as everyone’s favorite royal messenger Aplegatt. Aplegatt, as it is known from the books, was a royal messenger in the service of King Demavend.

You can read the casting description of this character here (codename Angel). This character heralds more royal politics in next season. In his career, Sturgeon has played in such productions as Young Wallander, Shetland, Small Axe and Vigil.

Jim Sturgeon (Photo: Faye Thomas)

The second actor who joined the cast is Sean Cernow. Cernow has appeared in such productions as The Musketeers, Doctors, Screw and Great Expectations. His role is currently unknown.

Cernow does however fit the profile of Ralf Blunden aka The Professor, for whom we found an audition tape a while back. Nevertheless this is only speculation and we don’t know his role at the moment.

Sean Cernow (Photo: YellowBellyPhoto)

Are you excited to see Jim Sturgeon, Sean Cernow and Safiyya Ingar in The Witcher Season 3? Let us know in the comments or in our Discord server!

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  1. ok, those guys look decent. But have no hope people – they are going into books that are more game of thrones then GOT, you could see politics, drama at exceptional level but lauren is gonna water it down, baginski is gonna dumb it down probably, because tik tok bs… or rather lack of talent and craftsmanship tbh.

    The only good thing is that Redanian Intelligence is growing significantly, it may be really god fantasy platform in the futere – lOTR, WOT, AS world and so on

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