Main cast and mages convene at Predjama Castle for The Witcher 3 filming


Filming for The Witcher Season 3 continues in Slovenia after yesterday’s windy top of the Nanos plateau. Today the production moved to the Predjama Castle with Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan and a whole lot of mages!

First off, here’s to the best boy Hector, who plays the best girl Roach. And another angle from our reader Trillian. Henry Cavill is also visible on the second photo in the form of several white-haired pixels. Our reader Lakhitia reports that the filming likely taking place in front of the castle with some closeups being made with Geralt and Roach, but it was hard to see so no more details are available yet.

From Trillian

It was a peculiar day of filming as there was a live webcam broadcasting from the location. The crew tried to cover it, but Mother Nature seemed more inclined to allow us to see what’s happening so she sent the winds to blow off the cloth that was covering the camera.

In result, we got a few shots of the cast and crew. We can vaguely identify some of the characters over there: long loose black haired woman has to be Yennefer, the blonde in green dress can be none other than Sabrina, the curly redhead is very likely Triss, we can also see Cassie Clare’s Philippa Eilhart with her Season 2 haircut and a costume that has a larger upper body due to feathers.

We can also see a number of others but can’t really say who’s who. We know MyAnna Buring is also there as well as Safiyya Ingar, which leads us to believe that Ingar is playing one of the new sorceresses: Margarita, Keira, Sile, Marti or someone else.

Here’s the video, thanks to our reader einsteiny1, who recorded it.

Filming now seems to be concluded in Slovenia and the cast and crew will likely more to the Croatian Krk Island. We can’t wait to know more from there!

9 comments on “Main cast and mages convene at Predjama Castle for The Witcher 3 filming”

  1. Are they filming the Aretuza scenes already? They are probably film out of order. But then again maybe they film something completely original so to speculate is pointless. As long as they don’t rush the family scenes I’m fine.

  2. Probably new scenes unrelated to the books but what can be happening? Yennefer was wanted by the brotherhood last season and now she, Geralt and Ciri are in the company of the witches? Unless they have captured them but then how the hell the banquet will happen? I can’t imagine cutting such an iconic part of the books – although Lauren has no shame butchering iconic scenes. Perhaps that scene takes place after the ball? But again something must have changed so she and Geralt can go to Aretuza. The other scenario is that maybe Yennefer asked Tissaia’s help unknowingly that she is after Ciri too or somehow all are forgiven and Tissaia has a change of heart? Tbh it’s pointless to speculate after s2 but it’s fun.

    1. They might be filming the Thanedd coup at the beginning so that the entire cast can come together at the same time (which makes sense). This place does look like the mountainous structure Thanedd has in the books, with its spiralling road leading to upper levels and buildings. OR this is actually Montecalvo and Philippa summoned the Northern mages there for a secret meeting to inform the others about the treachery within the Brotherhood, which will then lead up to the planned coup later on. Either way, I’m so excited for all the evens to unfold in season 3 and of course to finally see Philippa in action. Since she’s there we‘ll definitely get to see a lot more from here.

      1. I think season 3 will be the best season yet. Season 3 will definitely have a lot more pacing than Season 2 as it was mostly world building and character placement. I think season 2 is really strong but I think only after we’ve seen season 3 can we say how good season 2 really is because then we can see how much pacing the whole build entails eg I’m really looking forward to the relationship between Geralt Ciri and Yennefer and her long journey to rebuild trust. Some whining all the time that the character Yennefer was destroyed and such, but I think betraying trust and then building trust could become a very powerful character development

  3. I want to believe that s3 will be great and that s2 was just a bad decision and they won’t repeat their mistakes but in charge of the show is still the woman who said BOE was too boring and character driven to be translated on screen, so how much faith can we have that she’ll give her main three protagonists the screen time they deserve and the quiet character moments they need to develop their relationships? Plus, imo, the best parts of s2 were the ones straight from the books, all the original plots made zero logical sense which proves that the writers aren’t good with original material. Hopefully, they understood that and they’ll stick with the books. Maybe Henry will make them. So far the leaks from RI sounds promising but we’ll see.

  4. I’m excited about Geralt and I want to be positive that they’ll make Geralt and Yennefer and Yennefer and Ciri right this time. About everything else I’m terrified. I expect Lauren to ruin the banquet and the coup to make no sense. But tbh I was never a fan of the mages so idc but I’m scared she will destroy my beloved Hansa. I already refuse to believe that show Cahir will be part of Geralt’s company but if she touches Milva and Regis….

  5. As long as Geralt is there. Ngl, I watch the series for Geralt and his family, Yennefer and Ciri, not the mages or the political intrigues.

  6. The only good part of s2 was when Geralt was on screen. The rest of the season was unwatchable especially all the original stories Lauren wrote. Here’s hoping for more Geralt, and to focus on the family and the stories that are part of the book.

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