Rumour: next Witcher spinoff may feature Lambert, Coen and Eskel


Ever since the release of Nightmare of the Wolf, there have been various news about what’s next in the Witcher spinoff department. For one, the next full-length anime was already confirmed last summer and it was not to be a sequel to Nightmare of the Wolf.

Over the past few months we’ve heard three rumours from three different places, and since Paul Bullion (Lambert) and Yasen Atour (Coen) got together again for what looks like a podcast or some other recording, we decided to try and unpack all of the rumours we heard, which you should take with a grain of salt for now.

1. A potential live-action spinoff after Season 3 wraps

A number of months back we heard that Netflix were considering a new live-action Witcher spinoff to shoot after Season 3 wraps later this year. At the time, that was that. No details on what’s the prequel about. But it made sense. After all, Blood Origin too was filmed soon after Season 2 wrapped.

Season 3 of The Witcher is planned to wrap in September 2022 at Longcross Studios, so the spinoff could get underway perhaps October or November. Moreover, it would need to be officially announced in the coming months.

2. A potential Lambert/Eskel/Coen prequel

Sometime after we heard the first thing, another source claimed that the next spinoff would be about Lambert, Coen, and, surprisingly, Eskel. Meaning, something before the events of Season 2 when Eskel was alive and well. Our source didn’t specify whether this was intended to be live-action or anime, but suggested that it was more likely to be live-action. Still, nothing concrete.

Interestingly enough, during the Season 2 The Witcher: Unlocked panel, Lauren Hissrich joked about a potential Lambert/Coen spinoff. After we heard from our source, we immediately thought of this panel and that joke. Perhaps it wasn’t a joke? That Instagram post by Paul also adds fuel to the fire somewhat.

3. New Witcher anime film in pre-production by Studio Mir

And here’s the other thing we heard just over a week ago. Another source claims that the next Witcher anime will once again be animated by Studio Mir and has been in pre-production since March 2022. It’s not unexpected, since Nightmare of the Wolf was received quite well and its art style was welcomed by many.

That said, animations do take a while, so we shouldn’t expect this one anytime soon.

What should we make of all this?

This is where things get a little confusing because we aren’t sure whether the Lambert/Coen/Eskel project is live-action or anime so it’s hard to say for certain what happens with it and when. If it’s live-action, it could get underway this year already.

So is the Lambert/Coen spinoff live-action or anime after all? Will it feature Eskel as one of our sources claimed? If it’s the anime Studio Mir started working on, what is the live-action project then? Perhaps the live-action series is about the Kaer Morhen brothers and the anime is unrelated? There’s a lot we don’t know, unfortunately.

One other thing to note is that unlike the main series of any IP that is safe and solid, the prequels of said IP are not as safe and can be scrapped and reworked if necessary, so until we hear something concrete, it’s hard to say what’s happening exactly.

The Witcher: Blood Origin is currently in post-production for a release later this year. Stay tuned for more Blood Origin news in the coming week!

45 comments on “Rumour: next Witcher spinoff may feature Lambert, Coen and Eskel”

  1. The only spin off I care about is an early geralt adventures as a Witcher. But if Lauren wants to do other spin offs then at least give the screen time to Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri they deserve in the main series and do their story right and follow the fucking books and tell your fanfiction in the spin offs no one cares about.

  2. Milking the IP. Meanwhile the main show is loosing viewers with the shitty sl Lauren wrote in s2. Can she move to her spin-off and give the creative control of the Witcher to Henry Cavill? Is there some hope that at least with the spin-offs she won’t deviate from the books for the main series? I hate what this woman is doing to The Witcher.

    1. unfortunatelly it is not that much of milking IP. they lost viewers after generic season 2 – Lauren’s dirty fanfic. The decisions were done before season 2 release – when they saw season 1 numbers (gamers and book readers coming to watch their beloved franchise) they thought the made the best series ever, but failed to understand it was all fandom on which they constantly piss tbh. Numbers of this blood origin (which looks like diveristy all the way) will tell us the truth

  3. God no! After s2 they seriously thinking with move on with the spin-offs? They should put all their energy and resources to fix the problems of s2 (better writers, better showrunner etc) and when is back on track and has the critical and fan success to secure 7 seasons to complete the story then they should launch another live action series. It’s already early for Blood Origin. I’d hate to see the Witcher getting canceled after 4 seasons and then the possible spin-off after a couple of seasons. What are they thinking?

  4. I loved Lambert and Coen but seriously? Can they carry a series alone? I think tbey should do an animated follow up of nightmare of the wolf with young geralt, eskel (the real one not the Netflix one) lamber and Coen and then around s5 of The Witcher they can talk about a spin off. Ffs Netflix, fire Lauren, she’s what is killing the interest of the Witcher with her fanfiction.

  5. They can’t be serious! S2 lost viewers and fans hated and they are planning to further ruin the canon? Fix the main series first and give the fans Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri and not Elven pregnancy, Fringilla, Voleth Meir and other fanfiction.

  6. I’d prefer if they’d fix the main series first and then thinking about making more spin-offs. S2 had many problems and turned a lot of fans off but unfortunately I see no effort to put things on track. It will need good writing, talented writers and some nuances for s3 to gain back the fans’ trust. And it will need to stick to the books and focus on Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri and their family.

  7. They should improve the main show first before making another spin off. S2 had so many flaws, all bc of the writing and the fact that they invented their original stories instead of following the books. In my opinion any talk for another series is too premature. The main show needs more time to find its pace (and better writing and more Geralt/Yennefer and to be accurate to the books)

  8. Jajajaja. Ok. Keep milking and destroying this beautiful story and characters. !You can do it Lauren!. ! Go girl go !.

  9. So they ruin the main series, they cut screen time from Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer and they don’t give us the story from the books and they want to create another series to continue with their fanfiction? Good luck! I’m unsubscribing from Netflix.

  10. Nah, not interested. Geralt was the only one worth watching in S2 thanks to Henry being such a fan and not letting them destroying the character. They destroyed all the other characters and storylines.

  11. Really? If I had one hope, after the disappointment of S2, it just died. Lauren doesn’t care about the fans or the books or the quality of her work, just the money. Not watching.

  12. Wtf, Netflix saw the backlash for s2 and decided to go with more series of the same bs? They should at least have tried to improve s3, wait and see the fans reaction and the numbers and then decide. Bad move and it will only cause the harm of The Witcher.

  13. I’ll pass. The only spin-off I’m interested in is an animated series of Geralt’s adventures to properly do all the short stories they cut from the main series to make room for background characters and stories.

  14. I’ll agree with the previous comments. They better fix s3 and give to the fans what they want. Who asked more fanfiction? We want Geralt and his found family, princess Cirilla and Yennefer of Vengerberg and their love!

  15. Good, let Henry Cavill (and whoever he chooses) to oversee the main series and let Lauren and her team to write their fanfictions and everyone’s gonna be happy.

  16. Nice, now I’m not even watching Blood Origin. I don’t care to give them more ratings. I’ll check s3 of The Witcher only if Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri are the main characters and the series make an effort to build their relationship as they are in the books

  17. Lol, if their plan was another series in this universe, they shouldn’t have damaged the series with the s2 story. But the reason we suffered the Voleth Meir, the elves and the pregnacy, the monoliths etc was to connected it with blood origin which is about the conjunction and all these things everyone hated in s2. Instead to get the brilliant story from blood of elves and the character moments they sacrificed them for this. Not watching it and not watching any other spin-off. And if s3 turns out like s2 and the focus is not in the family of Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri, but in other stories in order to sell their new series then I wholeheartedly wish Henry will have enough of this crap and quit and let’s see if the spin-offs will survive without the main series and Henry Cavill as Geralt.

  18. No one asked for a spin-off. Fans demand the main series to be faithful to the books, to stop butchering the characters and to focus on Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri.

  19. Maybe they should focus on the existing series, make 10 episodes instead of 8, improve the writing, adapt the books properly and stop cutting scenes from Geralt and the book characters for the sake of irrelevant extras.

  20. No Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri = no the Witcher. The only way these are positive news is if they remove all the irrelevant stories and characters to the spin offs and concentrate on the actual Witcher story in their main series.

  21. They fucked up Eskel (and many other characters) because Blood of Elves was too character driven and quiet and now they plan to do a spin off with Eskel? Sure Lauren, whatever! I only watch the series for Geralt bc Henry Cavill prevented them from ruining him too.

  22. Is this a joke? After s2 who’s gonna watch? The casual viewers watch for Henry and Geralt (and no one likes the writing) and the fans hate what Lauren did in s2.

  23. Ahahaha, they really think they can sell a Witcher spin off after the writing of s2? If they’ll still have adequate ratings in s3 it will be a miracle and it will be only bc of Geralt/Henry. No one cares about Lauren’s writing and original stories.

  24. Oh good! They’ll steal more stories from Geralt and give them to other characters. Bless you Lauren! 🤮

  25. Worst news ever. I just lost the little interest I had for s3. I know how things are gonna go, they’ll keep incerting their fanfiction in s3 to make it compatible with the spin-offs (as they did in s2) and then they’ll butcher Geralt’s adventures from the books and give them to their spin off characters. I love Coen and Lambert and the real Eskel but they don’t have enough material for a series. I only recognize the books and the games from now on and I’ll check Geralt’s scenes on YouTube.

  26. I can’t take these news seriously. If they had done a good job with the original series, if they were faithful to the books, to its themes and the characters then I wouldn’t mind to expand the world. But they’ve already contradicted the books, essentially wrote a fanfiction and cut a lot of Geralt’s story for other characters so no thanks.

  27. I’m surprised by the news. S2 had less viewers than s1 and I doubt s3 will do great to justify a live action spin-off. Maybe an animated series between seasons to keep the interest would be a better idea. Even better a series featuring Geralt and his fellow witchers following the destruction of Kaer Morhen as many suggested. For the general audience The Witcher = Geralt.

  28. Too bad they killed Eskel. I still can’t get over it. So there is basically nobody left to watch that new spin. Who else would.

  29. Oh boy, really? I just want my true Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri. I guess I have the books for that and the games. But I still love Henry, Anya and Freya and I think they deserved better.

  30. S3 of The Witcher will be the make it or break it season. Let’s see how this will go because if they learned nothing from the fans reaction and they continue the bs from s2, goodbye the Witcher.

  31. Lol, the comments! Everyone’s excited! hihihihi. But I agree, the spin-offs at this point is a bad idea. If they fix the main series and make it about what the books are then…maybe. But for now, the writers should READ the books and fix the series!

  32. That would be positive news if it meant that Lauren would take her fanfiction to spin-off and left the main series to someone talented to save what it’s still salvageable (Cahir is ruined, same Tissaia, Eskel, the elves, fringilla is a new character etc) but because there is zero chance for that, those are bad news.

  33. S2 was a failure as an adaptation and in terms of writing. The reaction of the fans was overwhelming negative but the showrunner doesn’t get the message. it’s time for me to leave the show behind me for the sake of my mental health. Thank God for the books! Many thanks to this site for all the info and to Henry who tried his best to save it, to Anya and Freya!

  34. Are they kidding me? I rolled my eyes every time Grralt wasn’t on screen in s2. Lauren’s fanfiction was insufferable. Who cares about her stories? Everyone hated the original stories in s2, only Geralt and Ciri were great. Fire Lauren.

  35. I only care about the story of Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri as a family and that was butchered in s2 for the sake of other storylines. I couldn’t care less for more nonsense. I don’t even know if I’ll watch s3 if the news are true. I think it’s better to not announce anything until after s3. And for their own good give more screen time to Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri and focus on their relationships and them as family. That’s when the series is best.

  36. Wow, never expected that much fans to express their opinion on Lauren and her writing team. I new there was wisdom within people

    1. It’s not that surprising after what she did with s2. Many fans, myself included, could excuse some bad decisions in s1 but after the criticism of s1 and her reassurences that she understood the criticism and she realized how erasing brokilon damaged the story and she’d fix it but seeing that she did even worst in s2, I’m not surprised fans stopped believing in everything she’s saying. Not to mention that a lot of people read the books after watching s1 so they went into s2 with a lot more expectations and those were crushed. Plus her excuses could sell after s1 but everything she said to justify her bad decisions in s2 were worst than the story itself. Blood of elves was too boring? She didn’t have anything to do with Yennefer? Eskel’s death was meaningful?
      The problem though is that we as fans can’t do anything. In other networks showrunners change frequently but Netflix just cancels the shows. Our best hope is if Henry Cavill is also disappointed and say “either follow the books and stop cutting screentime from Geralt or I quit”

      1. At this point, the only hope i have is that the show gets cancelled sooner as possible. The damage is already done. Now we will have to wait for a REAL adaptation more than a decade. Its just… frustrating and painfull.

      2. Henry Cavill quitting is not likely to happen. He seems to get a big loot from the show, far more than any other actor, making it bearable to carry out an unbearable script. Perhaps it is more likely that Anya Chalotra is going to quit. She has drawn some profit from the show in terms of having gained a fair amount of attention and showcasing of her acting talent. She could drive a hard bargain for more coin, while at the same time, she is likely to have a number of offers for roles that would win her more recognition as an actress. I wonder if she will stay on board after s3. Especially if her role continues to be scripted the same level as in s2.

  37. Give the main series to someone who can follow the books and do the characters justice and give us more Geralt.

  38. Remove this woman from the franchise Netflix. Any fan could handle it better. It’s simple: follow the books.

  39. I want more Geralt in The Witcher and not side characters or characters that appeared once in the books getting more story and the show to finally FOLLOW the books. I don’t care if they’ll do spin offs or not bc personally I won’t watch them. I fell in love with this universe reading the books and the books tell the story of Geralt the Witcher, his child surprise Ciri and his lover, the sorceress Yennefer and that’s the story i care about.

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