The first week of The Witcher Season 3 filming with Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan


After a long wait, filming for The Witcher Season 3 finally kicked off earlier this week on March 31, 2022, which was exactly one year after Season 2 wrapped. Here we’ll recap all that happened, give some new updates and see what’s to come.

As we reported earlier, cast and crew of The Witcher made their mini-hub at Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, from where they crossed the border to Italy and started rolling the cameras at Laghi di Fusine. As far as we know, on location were Henry Cavill, Freya Allan and likely someone else (more on that later).

Filming at Laghi di Fusine, Italy with Geralt, Ciri and three horses

The very first location for Season 3 was Laghi di Fusine, very close to the Slovenia/Italy border. It started snowing very heavily exactly on the day they started the cameras rolling. Perhaps this was a surprise, or perhaps a very good calculation on the scouting team’s part.

Filming at the snowy lake involved at least Henry Cavill and Freya Allan, both presumably on horseback. The director of the scene was Stephen Surjik, who directed the first two episodes of Season 2. As far as we can tell, filming took two or three days.

Team Juhasz provided the horses and transported them all the way from Hungary. We initially reported that there were only two horses for two cast members, but in an interesting development, it turns out that there were actually three according to our sources.

Hector and Apollo, two black horses, were revealed earlier by Henry Cavill and others when they were taken for a ride. The third horse is white/grey. It’s hard to see in the back of the carriage, but our source assures that the horse in there was white/grey with dark ears.

Could it be Yennefer?

In The Witcher, Hector was ridden first by Anya Chalotra in Season 1, then became the new Roach for Henry Cavill in Season 2. Freya Allan was seen riding a white horse in Season 2, so perhaps she was riding that one on location. As for Apollo, as far as we can remember, he wasn’t involved in The Witcher before.

Perhaps Anya Chalotra is there after all and was riding Apollo in a full Geralt/Ciri/Yennefer family scene? We previously wrote about an unidentified male cast member present at Kranjska Gora, but perhaps they were female? We were told they hid their face and it was really hard to see.

At the moment, we don’t know for certain, so take this with a grain of salt.

UPDATE: It was indeed Yennefer, as Netflix confirmed!

Here’s all the pictures we have from Laghi di Fusine so far:

Next stop – filming at the Predjama Castle on April 5th as the cast and crew are already gathering around Postojna. As always, we’ll keep a close eye for every new development. Stay tuned for more updates!

12 comments on “The first week of The Witcher Season 3 filming with Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan”

  1. I wish it is Yennefer, it would make perfectly sense. “Us three will help each other”. They can be on the road after leaving Kaer Morhen. And Yennefer was riding a dark horse in the last episode of s2.

  2. We need family scenes! It’s only right. If we don’t get 1000 family moments in s3 then fu Lauren. (I’m exaggerating of course but I want twice as much screen time for them as it took the elves, voleth meir, fringilla, monoliths and other bc in s2)

  3. If it is Yennefer with Geralt and Ciri then we are making a good start. But it will take a lot of good writing and many quiet character moments in order to undo the damage s2 did. And it needs to happen. Thanks RI for all the news, you are awesome.

  4. I ‘m not hopeful at all bc Lauren already ruined a perfect book but in s3 we must have Yennefer training Ciri, Belleteyn, Yennefer helping Geralt with his contracts, Geralt and Yen coming closer together and attending the ball, Geralt saying in his thoughts that all the jealous bitches can choke on their envy, Geralt and Yen saying ‘I love you’ and then have loud sex and the actual dear friend letter.
    If not then rename the Witcher to ‘Lauren’s fanfiction’ and let Netflix cancel it.

    1. If after all the backlash s2 got, Lauren still doesn’t understand what an adaptation is then, yes, it’s better to cancel the show. She didn’t even dare to do the Q&A on reddit she was supposed to do. And how could she? To explain what? How Eskel’s death was meaningful or that Yennefer’s betrayal was a good choice or that BoE was too boring and character driven?

    2. She changed the brokilon forest, she changed the wish and then, when fans complained about these, she wrote s2. There’s no hope for her. She hates the books and she thinks she can re write them to make them better. 🤡

  5. Thanks RI. We appreciate all your efforts. Your Intel are always spot on 👌. Let’s hope this season will be better than the last one.

  6. RI you are awesome for all the news you bring us. I hope it’s Yennefer with Geralt & Ciri and not a male cast member bc the family needs all the screen time they can get without a fourth wheel. The writers better adapt ToC this time with the additions they missed from BoE and earlier books and stop inventing stories.

  7. I hope s3 will be truer to the source material cause it will be the make it or break it season. I can see, if the fan reaction is the same as in s2, Henry Cavill quiting. He loves the role and the universe and he was the saddest during the promo tour. He didn’t even gave so many interviews and he kept repeating that he didn’t influence the overall story only his character and he wanted to honor the books. Not to mention Netflix’s tradition to cancel their shows. So they better get it back on track.

    1. Its too late. With all the changes they made in the previous seasons, it will be a snowball effect. Theres no deep at all. Not de characters, not their relationships. They butched all the important an meaninful passages of the books and completely changed characters like Yennefer,Cahir,Fringella,Vesemir an the others Witchers,Vilgefortz,Tissaia,Francesca, and they basically shooted themselves in the foot with Emmyr last revelation at the end of the season.

      At this point a just wish for another adaptation (a real one) in a few decades, and i hope that im still alive to see it at last. I would die in peace then.

  8. Correct again RI! Finally the family together! And they look good 🥰. The synopsis also sounds like toc and suggests a lot of screen time for the three.

  9. I admit, I’m happy with the pic and the synopsis. Not only we have the family and just the family but the story implies that they’ll stick together until the thanedd coup. So, finally, much screen time for them to bond! (the weakest part in s1&2 was them being apart and the screen time was divided in their separated stories). But I really wonder how and why Yennefer would think that the best place to protect Ciri is in Aretuza with Stregobor and the rest of the mages who betrayed her last year? I understand to believe that in Aretuza she may find answers but to believe she will be safe there?! Unless the mages set her a trap. Perhaps she thinks she can trust Tisssia? Tbh, as long as they do the family justice I don’t care what they’ll do with the other characters.

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