Safiyya Ingar cast in The Witcher Season 3


The third season of Netflix’s The Witcher is still in pre-production as of March 2022 and everything is progressing towards an eventual filming start. Casting is naturally also underway, but at this stage we would assume the most crucial roles for Season 3 would be already filled. And on that note, we can reveal the first new cast member of The Witcher Season 3.

We have learned that Safiyya Ingar has been cast in The Witcher Season 3. Ingar has appeared in such productions as Summer of Rockets, Doctors, Faith and voiced Elga in the RPG game Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Space and Time.

Safiyya Ingar (Photo by: Dujonna Gift)

Ingar’s role in Season 3 is currently unknown to us, but having seen their showreel and TED talk, the vibe could perhaps fit the no-nonsense confident survivor character of Milva. The age also fits since Netflix was looking for someone in their 20s for that role. But that’s only pure speculation, so don’t take our word for it as Ingar could end up portraying someone else.

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  1. Shani sounds about right but I would guess she’s Milva. Thanks for the info RI. Hope the filming will start soon and we’ll know more. (also hope this time they’ll stick to the books and deliver a more satisfying season than the second one).

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