The Witcher Season 3 begins filming!


On March 31, 2021 Season 2 of Netflix’s The Witcher wrapped production. Exactly one year later, today, on March 31, 2022, cameras started rolling for The Witcher Season 3 with Henry Cavill and Freya Allan. Filming is currently planned to wrap in September 2022.

Earlier this week we reported that stars of the show, Henry Cavill and Freya Allan arrived to Kranjska Gora, Slovenia to prepare for production. Thanks to our Slovenian readers Manca, Lakhitia, Bullguard, deezphatbidge and Fearless Yautja we know the approximate schedule for this and next week’s filming.

On a side note, another male cast member was apparently spotted, but couldn’t be identified as he was wearing a mask and hid his face so he wouldn’t be recognized. Do we know a secretive male cast member of The Witcher? As to who else is filming, we haven’t heard anything concrete.

Filming begins in Laghi di Fusine, Italy

After some confusion, it has been cleared that filming for The Witcher Season 3 will indeed begin in Italy. More precisely at the pair of gorgeous lakes very close to the Slovenian border called Laghi di Fusine. It appears that there won’t be any filming at Kranjska Gora as it only serves as a mini-hub for The Witcher crew and the accommodation for the horses.

Filming at the lakes will presumably take one or two days, after which, during the weekend cast and crew will pack up and move south. Our reader Manca confirmed upon visiting that there’s plenty of activity there today on March 31 as well as a lot of snow.

A busy snowy road near Laghi di Fusine (Photo: Manca)

UPDATE 01/04/2022: Filming continued at Laghi di Fusine on the next day. We heard a yet unconfirmed piece of info that the director of the scene was Stephen Surjik, who directed two episodes in the last season.

Moreover, we can surmise that the scene was relatively small as locals spotted only two horse trucks from Team Juhasz leaving the location. One horse named Hector for Henry Cavill, and one horse named Apollo presumably for Freya Allan.

Producer Steve Gaub also checks in from today’s location:

Filming to continue at the Predjama Castle

Cameras for Season 3 will reportedly resume rolling on April 4 and 5 at the Predjama Castle. We haven’t heard whether filming will be in the interior or the exterior or at the caves there. Nevertheless, the scouting team certainly have a great eye for beautiful locations.

Further filming at Nanos plateau

After the Predjama Castle, filming is planned to move to the Nanos peak, not too far from the castle. In fact, producer Steve Gaub shared a picture from Nanos peak. Gaub was recently very busy doing some final scouting and recce in Italy, Croatia and Slovenia.

So far the European schedule for The Witcher Season 3 looks like this.

  • March 31 and April 1: Filming begins at Laghi di Fusine, Italy
  • April 2, 3: Transportation/weekend break
  • April 5: Filming at the Predjama Castle
  • Same week: Filming at the Nanos plateau (could be April 4 or after April 6)
  • Later: Croatia (somewhere around Pula and Krk Island)

Are you excited for The Witcher‘s 2022 European Tour? Do you intent to visit any of the aforementioned locations to see what they’re up to? Let us know in our Discord server!

18 comments on “The Witcher Season 3 begins filming!”

  1. No Yen again? And a male cast member? Jaskier? Nah, I hope not. The three main characters need time to become a family before all hell break loose. And Jaskier should be busy with Dijkstra and Philippa. Another male character? Who? Rience? Another Witcher? Gods, how much I wish they don’t screw this again. At least we’ll have some Geralt and Ciri!

  2. Good to have news almost daily again. Thanks RI. As for the filming, if they film in the snow they can’t film the belleteyn scene. Perhaps they film their journey from Kaer Morhen and they’ll, hopefully, film belleteyn in South Italy. But where’s Yennefer?

  3. Awesome! Those are some gorgeous locations. Now they need to stick closer to the source material and stop adding unnecessary stories and twists. Do we know if s4 is certain or if it depends on how s3 will perform?

  4. I can’t wait for Anya Chalotra to join them. We need the family together. The weakest part in s2, imo, was that they didn’t focus on the bond and the love that the main three characters share. I know in BoE Geralt and Yen don’t interact except from the dear friend letters but their love was very present and evident throughout the book. In s2 we lost that bc we didn’t have any quiet character moments. Now s3 has to make up for that. If only the writers understood that!

    1. * and because they went with the betrayal storyline instead the beautiful mother-daughter relationship from blood of elves. S3 has a lot to fix. Let Henry write their scenes just to be safe😊

  5. I can’t wait! I hope for no delays and a 2023 spring release (as much as I love the December schedule I don’t want to wait two years between seasons again). The locations look breathtaking. I can’t wait to see the costumes and what they’ll do with Yennefer’s hair now that Anya’s shorter. Most likely a wig but tbh I wouldn’t mind to see Yennefer with shorter hair at the beginning when they’re in hiding and then for thanedd ball to have them long again. Thanks for the info RI👍

  6. I couldn’t be happier right now. Thanks for the notification RI, that just made my day. The locations look amazing😎👌⚔️🐺

  7. The locations are fantastic!!! I’m excited even if s2 disappointed me. But I can’t wait to see Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri together (🤞 we’ll have a lot of scenes of the three together not like last year). I need to see how they’ll heal from what happened with Voleth Meir and Geralt & Yen attending the ball. I wonder how they’ll end up there if their are wanted by the kings/Queens and the brotherhood. Unless they set them a trap. There are so many possibilities, I just wish for more screen time for the family. This is not Game of Thrones.

  8. At least the landscapes will be great to look at. Not completely sure about several other events on screen.

  9. Beautiful locations! The locations, the visuals & the cinematography were the best parts of s2 and I’m sure s3 will nail it in that department too. The big let down was the story and especially what they did with Yennefer and the lack of focus given to her relationships with Geralt and Ciri (and many other things but I don’t care as much). But that was truly unacceptable. The positive side is that with good writing and with the right amount of screentime in these relationships they can still fix them, the problem, though, is that it’s the same showrunner who found Blood of Elves too boring and character driven and added 1500 storylines at the expense of character moments. My only hope is Henry to take things into his hands like he did on many occasions in s2 for the better. Great work RI, I can’t wait for more information as the filming continues.

    1. I agree. Even her sacrifice at the end and her explanations to Geralt felt rushed and without substance. I’m with Cavill who said that they need to work on that (on how Geralt will forgive Yennefer) and that’s tricky. I feel he’s the only one who understands the problem, everyone else seemed so happy with s2.

      1. God yes! I hope they listened to him. Yennefer is my absolute favorite and the same for Geralt and Yennefer but her scenes in the last couple of episodes were so unconvincing. I hate Lauren for doing that. I will never understand what was in her mind. Yennefer’s relationships with Geralt and Ciri are the most important ones in her life and she rushed them (but she had time for her fanfiction and other characters 👎). If it was up to me I’d never let her anywhere near the Witcher again. I hope Henry won more power over the scripts (after the negative reactions towards s2) bc I want these relationships presented correctly.

    2. Boy, I wish Henry will write the scenes between Geralt and Yennefer. It’s the only way we get good content with them. Lauren is incompetent. She doesn’t even have a basic understanding of the characters. Betrayal? What drugs was she on?

  10. Yaaaaaaaaas! I can’t wait for season 3 to be available on #NetFlix! They better be making, at least, 6 seasons! #TheWitcher

  11. Reading the source material, I find it is a much better story than the embellishments added in the series. Get closer to the source material. Its perfec as is.

  12. Great locations. The season will be visually stunning, no doubt. I just need many scenes between Geralt & Yennefer to make up for the bad writing decisions in previous seasons and Time of Contempt has some of the best interactions between then – who doesn’t love them at the ball, the ‘I love you’, their sex afterwards, their conversation about having a home – and they still own us scenes from previous novels.
    It’s better to have low expectations but if the writers know what’s good for them they better not disappoint this time.
    So, let’s have a good season and more news soon 🐺⚔️🦄

  13. The lack of Yennefer scares me. But they can’t be so idiots to repeat a s2, can they? What do I ask? Idiocy will remain when where there are now mountains will be seas.

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