The Witcher Season 2 Art shows Kaer Morhen, Aretuza, Melitele’s Temple, Dorian, Gors Velen and more

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With Season 2 of The Witcher just days away, the floodgates have finally opened. In one of the most interesting sneak peeks yet, lead production designer Andrew Laws gave IGN Brasil an exclusive look at the concept art for Season 2.

Some of the art shown provides a very detailed look at what we can expect from the show’s new locations and even scenes. We’ve gathered much of what there is is to see here and provide some context. Click on the galleries to see see the artwork and beware of potential spoilers!

Kaer Morhen

Laws mentioned that the look of the cities and buildings in Season 2 takes inspiration from a variety of different cultures including Northern European, Eastern European, Scandinavian, Japanese and Indian architecture.

One if not the highlight of the upcoming season will undoubtedly be Kaer Morhen, the ancient fortress that is the home of the witchers. The artwork shows the spectacular layout of the keep, nestled against the mountains. We also get to see the iconic great hall with a huge tree where the medallions of fallen witchers are hung from, as well as a look at the laboratory and the armory.


We can expect a lot of maneuvering to go down in Aretuza as the various mage factions vie for power in the aftermath of the Battle of Sodden. While Season 1 laid the groundwork for the look of Aretuza, Laws revealed that we’ll get to see it from a completely new angle.

In the concept art we can see that there is much more to the school of sorceresses. We get a look at the gardens, the council chamber, and a room where bodies are laid out. We suspect this to be either a makeshift hospital for the wounded, or a room where they prepare the fallen of Sodden Hill.

Very intringuingly, there is also a special torture chair used for interrogation. From the trailers, we know that both Cahir and Yennefer will have to undergo this ordeal.

This art of Stregobor really broadens our understanding of a much discussed scene from the second trailer. Contrary to what many assumed it appears that the mage isn’t torturing anyone but demonstrating something to his fellow colleagues. We suspect that Stregobor uses a kind of magic to show the last moments of the infamous Falka.

Stregobor is after all one of the few surviving first-hand witnesses of Falk’s rebellion and still seems traumatized centuries later. If true, this could tie in nicely with the overall plot of the second season, perhaps justifying the sorcerer’s interest in Ciri as a possible descendant of Falka.

Finally there is also also this look at Tissaia using leviation magic on a sheet of paper with the Tower of the Gull in the background. Could this be the scene where the rector of Aretuza commemorates the fallen mages from the Battle of Sodden?


In Season 2, we will not only return to Aretuza but also Cintra! Now occupied by the Nilfgaardians, it seems Ciri’s homeland will nevertheless be an important place of action.

It is from Cintra Nilfgaard ill regroup and organize their army following the catastrophic defeat at Sodden. As we revealed earlier, we will also see Cintra during flahsbacks flashbacks from Ciri’s youth.

Melitele’s Temple

The Temple of Melitele in Ellander is a drawing point for anyone seeking shelter and healing in the Northern Kingdoms. It is also where Geralt takes Ciri to study under his old acquaintance Mother Nenneke, the head priestess.

From what we can make out from the concept art, it is a temple filled with life and light, where novices and priestesses walk the halls and pray to the godess.

Dorian and Gors Velen

Apart from Aretuza and Cintra, fans will be excited to see new places like the dark alleys of Dorian, where the lawyers Codringher and Fenn have their base or the bustling markets of Gors Velen that live of the presence of sorceresses from the nearby Isle of Thanned.

Dorian as seen above, appears to be a somewhat shady Temerian town, befitting Codringher’s and Fenn’s buiness that often leans itself towards the more dubious aspects of the law. Liz Carr, who plays Fenn recently revealed that the duo will be contacted by Yennefer’s erstwhile lover Istredd. You can more about that here.

Gors Velen is an important Temerian harbor and very close to Aretuza. It is know for its markets, where you can buy anything and everything. In the trailer we see two hooded figure who appear to be Yennefer and Triss visiting the city. What is their business there and why are they cloaked?

Nivellen’s manor

On the route to Kaer Morhen, Geralt and Ciri will stop at an old friend’s place. Nivellen (Kristofer Hivju), who Geralt has met years ealier, is a cursed nobleman, living out his days in an old manor.

Fromt he statues in the courtyard to the dust-covered paintings, the whole atmosphere of the place basically screams that all is not as it seems. Our witcher better be on his guard!

Creature Designs: Nivellen and the Leshy

To top things off, we also get to see some classy creature design. Nivellen seems likea a pleasant enough guy once you get used to his boar snout and mane.

The Leshy on the other hand, looks utterly terrifying (especially in the concept art version), evoking a fear that should feel familiar to those who have played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and encountered these forest guardians in the woods of Velen, Redania or Skellige.

The clock’s ticking: Just five more days to go until the 17th! What location location or creature are you most excited to see? Tell us in the comments or on twitter and stay tuned as we head into the final week!

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  1. Curious why they didn’t go with the concept art version of the Leshen. That looks so badass. Ah well – everything else I’ve seen in the trailers looks pretty great though. So excited

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