The Witcher’s Liz Carr talks Codringher and Fenn, a surprising visit from Istredd and more


The premiere of the second season of The Witcher on Netflix is fast approaching and there are only two weeks left. Until December 17, we’re hoping to see a lot of promotional material, such as today’s revelation of the infamous detective duo Codringher and Fenn in full costume.

In a recent interview with whattowatch, Liz Carr, who plays Fenn talked about her character and experience on the sets of The Witcher and we’re here to break it down for you.

Liz Carr: “If you want to know anything in this world, then they’re the people to ask”

Codringher and Fenn are a famous duo of lawyers who run a law firm and detective agency based in the town of Dorian. If you need to find out something, bury something, or make a problem dissappear, they’re the ones to talk to… provided you have the money.

Codringher (Simon Callow) and Fenn (Lizz Carr)

Interestingly, Carr let drop that Codringher and Fenn will get a a visit from everyone’s favorite archaeologist Istredd (Royce Pierreson):

If you want to know anything in this world, then they’re the people to ask, and Istredd wants answers to Cirilla’s bloodline, who she is and where she comes from. But whether they can tell him remains to be seen

This certainly exlains why Codringher and Fenn are introduced relatively early in the story, as in the books they make their first appearance in the second installment of the saga Time of Contempt. It also provides food for speculation about Istredd’s role in the new season. It seems the sorcerer will get involved in Ciri’s affairs. What is he trying to find out and what are his reasons?

Istredd in The Witcher Season 2

It may simply have to do with his meeting with Geralt in Cintra. But was is he simply following Geralt’s request to find information on Ciri or does he have an ulterior motive?

Carr revealed that she got to use the Elder Speech, suggesting that Codringher’s and Fenn’s inquiries may have to do with information about the Elder Blood. Something that should come as no surprise to readers of the novel: “For a start I had a translator! Some of the words I use are Elven words, so I had to work with a dialect coach to learn how to say them, which was a joy and also very funny.

Henry Cavill and Royce Pierreson on set

Interestingly, she also confirmed that Geralt will not meet Codringher and Fenn, at least not in Season 2. She regrets not having met Henry Cavill, but hopes to get another chance:

“Unfortunately I didn’t get any scenes with him! I might have seen him in the lunch queue, but to be fair that could have been a stunt double! But Simon Callow and I would love to go back for another series, so you never know!”

For more information about Fenn, how it was to work alongside Simon Callow and the logistics of using a wooden wheelchair, make sure to read the whole great interview at whattowatch.

Things are looking good for a return of Codringher and Fenn in Season 3. If the books are anything to go by, their path will be an interesting one!

7 comments on “The Witcher’s Liz Carr talks Codringher and Fenn, a surprising visit from Istredd and more”

  1. Istredd 🤮 why he’s still here. Hope it’s the last of him. Let him just dissappear on the background as he is meant to be and spend the time to more family moments. Same with other unimportant characters who don’t need more story than the books.

  2. Wtf Lauren. Why mess with something that didn’t need any change? I loved the duos scenes with Geralt in ToC. Hopefully that doesn’t mean that their meeting won’t happen. It was really a crucial moment.

  3. I’m a little curious as to why they changed Fenn to a woman, but this was to be expected. It’s good that just in the case of a side character.

    1. I don’t mind having an actress portraying Fenn. That isn’t compromising the story in any way. I am more concerned about the possibility of the appearance of a female witcher character at Kaer Morhen while Ciri is there. That is a deviation from the books which does have an influence on several aspects of the story and has the potential of compromising the relationship between Ciri and Triss.

  4. In the books, the scene with Codringher and Fenn has the important purpose of revealing Ciri’s backstory and much of the lore to her story and the Lara Dorren relationship. The scene is also one of the best written parts in the books and shows that Sapkowski really has an inclination towards detective stories. It would really be worth giving that duo more scenes – but if there is no scene with Codringher and Fenn and Geralt, then the story in season two might proceed at a slower pace than expected, or the order of events differs from the books.

  5. Let’s hope that the scene with the duo and our beloved Witcher will be in season 3. I’d hate it if we’d lose that part (or give it to an extra). It was an awesome moment in the books between them and Geralt.

  6. I hate istredd. Why give him more story? We want more screen time with the family meaning Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri. Let’s hope the reason they apparently cut some of the bonding between Yen and Ciri this season was to let her relationship with Geralt grow more naturally and not to give screen time to extras.

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