Netflix unveils a Ciri clip from The Witcher for Witchmas Day 1


Just like last year, Witchmas is here and once again Netflix is making us fans choose between Law of Surprise and something else in Twitter polls.

Unsurprisingly, users chose Law of Surprise for the first day of The Witcher celebration and we got a clip of Freya Allan’s Ciri training on the pendulum in Kaer Morhen with Paul Bullion’s Lambert and Yasen Atour’s Coen watching her.

On the first day of Witchmas my Netflix gave to me
A snippet of Ciri!

The snippet is likely from the third episode of Season 2, when things have calmed down in Kaer Morhen after some dark events that happen in episode 2.

Lambert and Coen are impressed!

With just five days remaining until The Witcher Season 2, we await for many more treats as well as interesting news. Follow Redanian Intelligence for more!

7 comments on “Netflix unveils a Ciri clip from The Witcher for Witchmas Day 1”

  1. Nice acting on Freya Allan’s part, but I am not sure about the make up for her. Makes her look too polished for the scene. Doesn’t feel realistic. Often Ciri shows up with heavy eye and lip make up. Even in the wilderness. That’s quite a feat. The more so as Triss and Yen haven’t shown her yet how to do that.

  2. That’s a pretty scene. But worrying is the overly dramatic music score for it. I mean, that is just training, and Ciri is not even blindfolded. What will the music be like when there is a real fight?

  3. Its a trailer…actually just a clip. Who knows what will accompany the actual scene. Maybe the same music. As long as its not rap music (or Polka)…I’ll probably be OK

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