The Witcher to film Cintra flashbacks for Season 2


The Kingdom of Cintra was a key location in the first season of Netflix’s The Witcher. We saw Geralt (Henry Cavill) travel there twice, we saw Ciri (Freya Allan) escaping from Eamon Farren’s Cahir and of course a feast that ended quite magically, to the surprise of all attendants, Geralt included, as he would later realize, destiny is all.

The Cintran arc was wrapped in the first season and there would be little reason for the story to return there besides showing us flashbacks from a time when everyone there was still alive and well.

We have learned that this will indeed occur in the second season of The Witcher as both Ciri’s parents, Duny and Pavetta will return for a flashback scene. According to our sources, both actors, Bart Edwards and Gaia Mondadori will soon be on set at Arborfield Studios either filming or preparing to film with Ed Bazalgette, director of episodes 5 and 8 of the second season. We could not, however, confirm whether or not a boat will be involved in their scene.

Duny and Pavetta, just married, in the fourth episode of The Witcher’s first season

What does that mean for the other prominent Cintran characters? We can’t confirm them at the moment, but it would absolutely make sense for Jodhi May and Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson to appear as Queen Calanthe and King Eist respectively.

In the case of Mousesack, that would make sense as well, but his return is more in question as the actor Adam Levy lives in the US and travel to UK and back could be complicated right now because of all the COVID-19 restrictions. That has to be one of the reasons why director Geeta Patel dropped out of Season 2 and was replaced by Louise Hooper, after all. Maybe they pull it off, we will have to wait and see.

The Witcher Season 2 is currently in production and is planned to wrap in March 2021 for a release later this year. We can’t wait to learn and share more of what we can learn.

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  1. Gaia Mondadori was amazing. She hardly had any lines but filled the screen big time. They should have given her a bigger part, she is super talented and has the looks for a number of the roles in the show. Missed opportunity.

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