Anna Shaffer’s Triss Merigold joins The Witcher cast at Kaer Morhen

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Netflix’s The Witcher has recently resumed filming after a brief COVID-induced break. The cast and crew are now shooting in the series’ production headquarters, Arborfield Studios, more specifically in the sets that make up the ruined fortress of Kaer Morhen.

We already knew the scenes set in Kaer Morhen will involve Henry Cavill’s Geralt, Freya Allan’s Ciri, and a series of new characters that season two will introduce: Kim Bodnia’s Vesemir, Yasen Atour’s Coën, Paul Bullion’s Lambert, and Basil Eidenbenz’s Eskel.

Now we know of another cast member who’s joined them, as her character does in the books: Anna Shaffer’s Triss Merigold, who was notably absent from the Fountains Abbey shoot that featured many mages and sorceresses. As you may notice her hair is back in “Triss-mode”.

Fans of the sorceress were curious about her absence in a recent leak from the set, where most of the show’s mages and sorceresses were captured on camera, and now we know where Triss was: in Kaer Morhen. This should come as no surprise for readers of Blood of Elves, as Triss spends a winter with Geralt, Ciri, and the witchers in the novels as well.

Speaking of the witchers, Paul Bullion (Lambert) is back on set as well.

In the books, Geralt invites Triss to Kaer Morhen for two reasons. Firstly, Ciri’s powers prove as dangerous as they are mysterious, and he hopes the sorceress could help Ciri control them. More importantly, however, is that the witchers don’t really understand the needs of a teenage girl. One of the more memorable scenes from Triss’s time in Kaer Morhen in the novels has her recounting the tragic events of the Battle of Sodden Hill, and we hope to see her monologue in the show as well.

We’re excited to see Triss’s visit to Kaer Morhen, but Yennefer might not like it. Hopefully she forgives her dear friend Geralt when they reunite in season two.

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  1. The problem with the character of Triss in the show is less about the actress’ looks than about the screen writing and the very unspectacular hair, makeup and costume. Add to it that the fans’ expectations are fueled by the games where the character of Triss carries far more importance and has a much more interesting story arc, including more interaction with Geralt than Yennefer has, as compared to the books. BTW, I did not like how Sapkowski dwells on Triss’ unwell condition for quite long in the books. It doesn’t do the character a favor, to say the least. Bookreaders will guess what I mean and they will wonder how that will be treated in the show, knowing that the show hasn’t done an exactly decent display of that condition in s1e6.

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