Confirmed: Geralt and Yennefer reunited in The Witcher Season 2


Today we reported that Henry Cavill was seen filming a scene for the second season of The Witcher, riding Roach at Frensham Little Pond. Later we got a video with two more people riding horses and one of them, we speculated, could be Yennefer. We can’t confirm if Ciri, played by Freya Allan, was there too, but we can confirm that Anya Chalotra‘s Yennefer was definitely there.

Thanks to Instagram user Sara Talib we have both Geralt and Yennefer on location:

Henry Cavill in Geralt’s armor

Notice that Yennefer is wearing her new dress that we saw in the leaked pictures from a scene with her and Ciri.

Yes, that is likely not Anya Chalotra, but her double

In the first video we see Geralt and Yennefer riding into distance, towards the blue screen with the drone camera following them

In the next video we see Geralt dismounting from his horse and besides him is presumably Anya Chalotra on her horse while Anya’s stunt double is seen on foot with her jacket.

It takes quite a bit before Geralt and Yennefer are reunited in the books and this is why this scene is so surprising for us. If you have read the books, you will guess why we hope to catch a glimpse of Freya Allan as Ciri here as well. This is very likely happening in one of the last few episodes of the second season.

Netflix’s The Witcher is currently in production until February for a 2021 release. Follow Redanian Intelligence to keep up with news.

15 comments on “Confirmed: Geralt and Yennefer reunited in The Witcher Season 2”

  1. So much has come out of today, when a few days ago we were expecting them to move back into the studio, meaning relatively no more spoilers/info. Hopefully this momentum means there will be no more delays 🤞

  2. That’s awesome! I want to see more of them together. They were one of my favorite parts of s1 and the books. Their dynamic is fantastic.

  3. This is a bad sign, this will disrupt the entire narrative of Blood of Elves, the season 2 should roughly follow this novel, but if they made this big change then nothing will work afterwards. Their reunion was narratively making sense in the third book Times of Contempt and through their common love and bond with Ciri who allowed their reunion/meeting to happen. Another beautiful moment from books could be ruined if this is true (just like Brokilon was in first season). It is entirely the script writers faul that the Geralt and Yennefer relationship was so rushed in first season but if they think they can fix it by giving them more time together in second season then they are misled it will only make things messier. They should follow the basics of the story to maintain the most of the emotional impact of various events if not then they don’t know a thing about good writing. That’s my opinion.

  4. Whilst I am happy about this, ideally season 2 should focus on Geralt training Ciri and developing a relationship perhaps with Triss Merigold, it’s a big part of Geralt’s narrative.

  5. Fantastic news. They needed a reunion with the way things ended between them in s1! I wonder if that takes place before Yennefer starts training Ciri.

  6. Idk why but that little clip of Geralt & Yennefer riding together made me so happy. S2 needs more Yenralt (both scenes with them together and scenes with each on their own thinking the other).

  7. A reunion doesn’t mean they’ll solve all their issues and they’ll be happy ever after but it means they’ll meet in s2 and I’m happy with it because with the way things ended between them in s1 and with Geralt thinking Yen is dead it requires something to happen so we can have Yen training and bonding with Ciri. A simple letter wouldn’t work for the show as beautifully as it worked in the books bc they are in a different place. They have to meet and start dealing with their feelings and what happened last year. I can’t wait to see them together. Henry and Anya were excellent last season and they bring the best Geralt and Yennefer on screen.

  8. I’m late but these are fantastic news. Geralt & Yen scenes were amazing and filled with so much chemistry and passion. I can’t wait for the series to reach the point where these two and Ciri are a family and inseparable.

  9. Reliving news! I was hoping for a reunion. I’ expecting more scenes, most of them filmed indoors without spoilers. I can’t wait for the evolution of their relationship, it’s amazing in the books and Henry and Anya are on fire when together on screen.

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