UPDATED: The Witcher Season 2 to film another waterfall sequence in the Yorkshire Dales


Filming of the second season of Henry Cavill’s The Witcher has really picked up the pace following a months-long break due to Covid-19. The crew and cast of Netflix’s fantasy flagship has been all over Northern England, making use of some of the region’s most stunning locations, including the picturesque Lake District and the spectacular High- and Low Force Waterfalls in the North Pennines region.

As one part of the crew was busy filming a waterfall crossing involving stars Anya Chalotra (Yennefer) and Freya Allan (Ciri), news reaches us that a second unit is already preparing for another shoot further south, and it looks like they will be filming yet another waterfall sequence.

Update: The Witcher crew rehearsing at Gordale Scar

Thanks to an onlooker, we know now have images that show the crew of The Witcher rehearsing for tomorrow’s shoot at the Gordale Scar ravine. Credits for these go to Dominique Boucher.

Original Article

This second unit is currently gathering in the Malham area in the Yorkshire Dales. A local who described the set as massive, informed us that filming will take place at two nearby waterfalls: Gordale Scar and Janet’s Foss. Gordale scar is a limestone ravine, containing waterfalls and cliffs that reach up to over 100 meters.

Gordale Scar, image via Tripadvisor

Janet’s Foss is a small waterfall near Malhalm pouring into a pool. It’s named after a fairytale, according to which a fairy queen once inhabited a cave at the rear of the fall.

Janet’s Foss, image via Mapio.net

The area around Gordale Scar is markedly different from the High- and Low Force Waterfalls in Durham County, which makes us believe that the crew will be filming an entirely new scene, perhaps involving other cast members. Is Yennefer teleporting or is it Geralt’s turn again? Stay tuned!

The area around Gordale Scar and Janet’s Foss is yet another stunning location the team of The Witcher is filming and we’re even more excited to learn what the crew is up to there! Keep an eye on our twitter for further developments. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

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  1. It is such a shame that so many fans and locals in these areas who have had footpaths and car parks closed cannot even get a glimpse of the actors who they love and invest so much time on. Not ranting! But when you are faced with rude security teams after you as a fan are just trying to get a social distanced photo opportunity after paying your subscriptions to all platforms and buying merchandise it’s slightly disheartening especially when it’s children just trying to see their hero

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