UPDATED: Yennefer in new outfit and Ciri filming on horseback for The Witcher Season 2


We have known for a few days that Anya Chalotra’s Yennefer and Freya Allan’s Ciri were filming together and we even had a brief video of them walking alongside a riverbank yesterday, but now thanks to Terry Blackburn of Daily Mail we have our first good look at both Yennefer and Ciri and their new outfits in the second season Netflix’s The Witcher.

Here are the photos filmed at High and Low Force Waterfall, County Durham:

UPDATE: Here we have much more photos courtesy of JustJared. On some of the photos you can see a special makeup on Ciri’s double that makes it look like her eyes are bleeding. It is most definitely a side-effect from one of the magic lessons. You can see on another shot that Yennefer is holding her head as if trying to push Ciri’s magical abilities further in some way.

Actresses having a bit of a laugh between takes, it seems
Yennefer and Ciri doubles filming a scene that appears to be the sorceress teaching her young student
Anya Chalotra resting between takes. This is perhaps the best look at her new dress yet

The scenes that were filmed there must be from later episodes in the season as we don’t expect Yennefer to meet Ciri quite so soon. That suggests they must be filming scenes out of order at least during the location shoots.

The reason for this could be the obvious danger of Covid and the uncertainty of being able to get the entire crew out again later. So perhaps the reasoning behind was better to film what they can while they can outside and then continue in the studio.

It’s quite exciting to finally see Yennefer with Ciri having a quality mother-daughter time as well as Yennefer’s new outfit, since she was in her rope dress from Season 1 in the released teaser stills.

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  1. The dress is not so bad, but the print… why did they use a print… I also hope it’s real embroidery… At least Ciri looks cool out of all the family members…

  2. I love the new dress yen is wearing and it looks like they got to have a laugh together in these difficult times.

  3. If they end season 2 with Thanedd coup (because there is already Ciri& Yen interaction) that means no Philippa in the show wtf o.O Who will lead the Lodge afterwards?

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