The Witcher S2 Spoilers: First look at Francesca and Yennefer’s fate revealed


In the eighth and final episode of Netflix’s The Witcher, Anya Chalotra’s Yennefer of Vengerberg unbottled her chaos and destroyed most of the Nilfgaardian army. Following that, Yennefer disappeared. Netflix were hoping to reserve the mystery of the sorceress’s fate until season two premieres in 2021, but a new leak from the show’s recent filming (courtesy of The Daily Mail and photographer @palaceproud) reveals exactly what happened. Needless to say, you will find spoilers for The Witcher season two in the article below.

During the Battle of Sodden Hill, Yennefer faced off against her old friend Fringilla Vigo (Mimi Ndiweni), but they were nowhere to be found by the end of the episode. The above picture reveals that Yennefer and Fringilla have both been captured by the Elves. Seeing as this sequence was directed by Stephen Surjik, who helms the first two episodes of the upcoming season, we expect these events to transpire very early in the season.

The army of Elves which captures them and will debut in season two, called the Scoia’tael, is led by new and returning characters. Fans will remember the Elven King Filavandrel (Tom Canton), who clashed with Geralt in the second episode of season one in the events that inspired “Toss A Coin”. Alongside Filavandrel, the army is commanded by the Elven sorceress Francesca (Mecia Simson), one of the most important new characters that season two will introduce. They can both be seen in-character in the image above.

As to what happens in the scene, the person who took the pictures described it to us. Yennefer, Fringilla, Filavandrel and Francesca enter a tent, Francesca’s tent where they presumably have an important conversation.

As in the books, the Elven rebellion will become an important narrative point in the coming seasons. We’ve gathered the rest of the images taken by the leaker at the Elven encampment in the gallery below. Thanks again to @palaceproud for the amazing pictures!

The Witcher season two is currently filming near London. Production will later take to the Scottish Isle of Skye, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with an estimated wrap early in August. The season will reach Netflix in 2021.

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  1. This series has absolutely nothing to do with the claim to refer to the templates of the books. It is pure fantasy over fantasy. In the books, magicians do not destroy Nilfgart’s army but the allied armies of Redania, Temeria, Aedirns, Kaedwens, Cintras and Mahakams with the support of the magicians. 13 wizards on the side of the northern kingdoms are killed and several seriously injured. Yennefer goes blind and is out of the game for months. Triss Merigold is so burned that she says she will never be deep-necked dresses again. So Yennefer cannot fall into the hands of any elves. If Lauren hadn’t made a promise to film the books, not the games, or her own fantasy, it wouldn’t bother me. But she said we are guided by the books. So far there is little to notice.

    1. who cares? if it will be good im ok with that i love first season – yes there were differences but still i love it

      1. The 4 novels give a clear direction. Without much effort, other than reading it, Lauren could have followed it. The short stories could have been designed as subplots or flashbacks. They blocked this path out of vanity and self-love. It is roughly as if someone would say that we are filming Mozart’s “Magic Flute”, the actors are acting completely differently and the music is from Handel or Wagner. If someone likes it – well. But then it is no longer Mozart and no longer The Magic Flute. And that’s exactly what the woman does.

      2. Who cares? Well… everyone should. Simply because books are very well written, they give a direction, so what is the point of making own stories that are much closer to fan-fiction than a serious, well-built story.

        The first season was actually a huge disappointment for many viewers, not just the maniac book-purists. The story had no continuity, we had like zero connection between the characters, so that it was almost impossible to get emotionally engaged.

        People went way too far with the idea of “artistic freedom”. Almost to the extent when nearly 50% of the original story is re-written in some weird way. The question pops up – why in the hell the show is named after the original? As far as I agree that books are simply hard to be transfered over the screen and so then need some tweaks here and there, it can’t be like what we have seen in season 1.

        On top of that, we already now about 2 mini-series coming in that universe, while there is no season 2 yet… and I have heard that 3rd one about the sorceresses is coming too. So it’s more like milking the genre before it reached it’s full storytelling potential.

        They will miss the mark.

    2. Yeah it seems it will only get worse new inventions and stuff that doesn’t fit the books, further changes will mean that nothing will be remotely similar in third season. Francesca Findabair should be by now be part of the brotherhood of sorcerers, hell a member of the governing body the Chapter (while Yennefer becoming part of the council basically being promoted after Sodden) this was to further highlight the point of her betrayal during events on Thanedd, this means that no longer any storyline from book will have merit here, if already they make Francesca separate faction, there is no mystery of the plot of cooperating with Nilfgaard of mage traitors, nothing will now look the same in future story.

      One change will be followed by another, in a chain reaction this will alted everything down the road, it seems they no longer want to adapt the books but make their own story. Francesca in books supposedly fought along the mages on Sodden hill, as Triss mentioned in Blood of Elves. *sigh* they once again focus on their own invention instead of more important story threads. Shame, to put it mildly.

      And if Yennefer is captured by Francesca now what about being turned into statue following events on Thanedd? Will they erase this completely now? What about the Lodge, Francesca was to become a member along with another elven sorceress. They are either not paying atttention to what their changes mean or are planning to so entirely break off the book plot that it will be unrecognizable. This invention creates more question than it answers, besides if Yennefer is captured and held by elves then this means she will not meet Jaskier and save him, which might mean that Rience story will be also changed. Plus once again Jaskier will be dumbed down, as this scene of his capture and interrogation showed he tried to keep Geralt’s secrets from Rience. This is puzzling change, this seems to be even greater alteration than anything done by first season, also elves capturing Fringilla? Aren’t they supposed to be allied with Nilfgaard by now? This would mean they should have immediately release a nilfgaardian mage.

      This is what I call script writer carelessness, they seem to not understand the simple cause and effect chain that adding or altering something to existing story will dirsupt, of course they may try to reach the same conclusions in roundabout ways, but I can’t see that happening, it will be definitely their own vision that will carry on the story now and here lies the weakness of the show, whenever the netflix team was writing something original it felt apart.

      1. People can’t get out of the pit they dug themselves. Stupidity must be justified with the next stupidity. Games of Thrones left the literary template and the plot became illogical. But that only happened in season 8. And season 9 was a disaster. The actions of the main characters no longer made sense. With “The Witcher” this already happened with season 1. How long will fans of the games patiently watch? The fans of the books have probably already jumped off. Let’s enjoy it. Let’s see how a woman sinks the series.

    3. Exactly Karl! 100% agree. They change too many good stuff from the books into bad Netflix ideas. One of the change that I hate the most is role of Cahir and Fringilla Vigo in the story. In the books they are not leaders of Nilfgaard army, not main antagonist, they shouldn’t know each other! Fringilla blinded Yennefer on Sodden Hill and she back to Nilfgaard, next time we should see her when she join Lodge of Sorceresses. Cahir afer failure in Cintra spent next few years in Nilfgaard prison, until emperor give him another chance to catch Ciri on Thanedd island (”Time of Contempt”). Lauren said that she stick to the books, but changes that her team made go way too far:-((((

    4. Exactly Karl! 100% agree! One of the change that I hate the most is Cahir and Fringilla Vigo role in the show. In the books they are not leaders of Nilfgaardian army, not main antagonist, they shouldn’t know each other! Fringilla blinded Yennefer during the battle of Sodden Hill and she back to Nilfgaard, next time we should see here when she join Lodge of Sorceresses (”Baptism of fire”). Cahir after his failure in Cintra spent few years in Nilfgaard prison, until he get from emperor second chance to catch Ciri on Thanedd island (”Time of contempt”). Lauren said that she stick with the books, but her team changes of the story goes way too far. And they countinue that with season 2 :-((((((

  2. You are too dramatic, they can do whatever they want just like CD Red …. just don’t watch if you dont like

  3. btw i read the books and play all games multiple times and i love first season … im not stupid to expect they do not do changes …. i like season so i will be watched second and i will see if it will be good FOR ME or not if you dont like just dont watch where is problem (i understant that you love witcher but world doesnt ends if they change more or less) JUST DONT WATCH

    1. Glad if someone is happy with little. Satisfaction is a virtue. Why wine when it also does water from a puddle?

      1. Karl, you really come across as a self important and pompous know all. I’m guessing you’re in your teens, as that’s how you come across.

        Just give it a rest and watch some other series.

        If this one was as bad as you suggest then it would not have done so well that it’s getting a second series and had had such positive feedback. Maybe you should quit whatever job you do and become a script writer, but then again, looking at the ‘quality’ of your posts, maybe not.

        Seriously though, go for a walk or something, it’s just TV.

      2. You’re probably trying to be smart, but your bad English is hard to follow. And btw there is no season 9 of Game of Thrones.

      3. Chill out a bit. All well and good critiquing the show. You should wait until it’s actually out. Also did you mean GOT season 8? There is no season 9

  4. The people complaining about the changes in the series , but they love the games,in the games changed a lot of things too, added characters and gave importance to the character that in canon doesn’t have importance .I’m not going to lie, so far I don’t liking what Lauren is doing with Fringilla and yennefer and elves … but I’ll wait and see where all this is going

  5. The Witcher is a universe of interesting concepts, which remain interesting regardless of how they’re remixed. Enjoy the flavors, not the table setting.

  6. I love the work that people on this site do, but the community here is full of hate. And they are not content to hate the series, but want to spread the hate to others. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Lauren isn’t going to change anything just because you guys don’t like it. If you want a copy of the books, read the books.

  7. Well, if they’re both captured by Elves, we have a good chance to forshadow both the rivalry between Fringilla and Yennefer that will manifest properly in their competition for Geralt, and the fact that they can cooperate despite hating each other if it furthers both their desires (which we’ll see when Fringilla helps Yennefer escape from the Lodge later on).

    Its may also show Fringilla recruiting the Elves as Nilfgaard’s allies. Which will be useful since it has to happen some time and it hasn’t been shown yet.

    Although these things will be in slightly the wrong order, it might well be convenient for the TV series.

    1. yeah there are many things that come to light at a later point, but why not show them wenn they happened erlier? I mean tv shows are a visual media and you can only do so much with flashbacks. So i personaly as a fan of the games and the books am super ok with the changes they are making to the series.

      And btw that stuff with Jaskier and Rience, the whole starting point of the first novel ist 2 years after the battle of sodden hill. So they might not have to alter the timeline that much.

      An if they do? So what?

      1. I’ll tell you what. Straying from the books this early in the story is very dangerous and stupid for number of reasons. One change to the plot can create a domino of changes. Several critical changes can turn the plot into unrecognizable fanfiction which you can’t reverse anymore. Story becomes completely original. And if that’s the case, why bother with adapting the books in the first place? Because adapted books are already popular, praised, and proven unlike original creations of part-time writers on the show. Yes, changes are unavoidable when adapting a story, but the showrunners are seems to deliberately going away from the books here and it doesn’t bode well.

      2. But when Yennefer is third main character in show, they must write for her much more new stories or portal her to every place in books where is not Gerald or Ciri.

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