Henry Cavill reveals Geralt’s new Season 2 look for The Witcher


It has been a long time since we had any official news about the second season of Netflix’s The Witcher and now we have been blessed with a look at Geralt‘s brand new armour that was shared by lead star Henry Cavill.

Here are the pictures from Henry’s Instagram page. It its quite obvious that the new costume designer Lucinda Wright had a new vision for Geralt’s outfit. In case you don’t remember, Wright replaced Tim Aslam for the second season.

It definitely seems like Lucinda Wright was inspired by ancient Roman armour sets.
Renfri’s brooch is still there

What is also interesting, but not very apparent at a first glance is that the location, where Geralt is standing could very well be Kaer Morhen. It’s a pity that we can’t see more of the background.

Definitely an interesting time for such a reveal, and who knows, maybe we’re in for more surprises soon. The Witcher‘s official Instagram page teased as much by saying “And what destiny will bring tomorrow?”.

Meanwhile, take a look a Ciri’s new outfit in our last article:

20 comments on “Henry Cavill reveals Geralt’s new Season 2 look for The Witcher”

  1. I loved Geralt’s look in season 1 (with one or two exceptions) but this looks F*CKING AWESOME!!!

  2. Common fantasy leatherish armor.
    Armor from S1 looks extremly witchery, but they probably wants to forget that it didn’t work properly when Striga was lying on Gerald and his silver rivets.

    But extremly ugly and disruptive is scabbard and black blade of sword from back look. As if in a soap opera the editor forgets that he must not show the back of main heroine tight-fitting dress and a giant zipper.

  3. I like it, but I do love that Henry is on board, thanks to him it is a good series, without him the whole ship sinks

  4. It looks badass. I know Henry Cavill will nailed it again. Hopefully we’ll see more of Geralt this year. Not that I didn’t love his character’s journey last season but I’m eager to learn more about Geralt’s past and his relationship with Vesemir and the other Witchers and how Ciri and Yen will change him.

  5. Henry Cavill was the best Geralt we could ever get. Best casting ever! We are truly blessed. He’s not playing Geralt, he is Geralt and he shall be forever – in my mind at least.

  6. They now in Britain cleary need to ban the hiring of people from Cursed.
    And start hiring some faceless profesionals from GoT.

    1. Copyright belong to game creators, series creators team cant use either armor sets or medalions from games.

  7. When will these costume designers learn that “scaled” armor is entirely impractical and a surefire way to get yourself killed in CQC? Every ridge or undulation in the armor is a spot for a blade or claw to catch in and allow for severe injury to occur. The faux abs on his chest piece will get ripped open at the seams by a single swipe of a Drowners claws, his scaled shoulder pads can be dug between and grabbed ahold of in the midst of a fight.

    1. Well guess Geralt will have to fight harder than ever before to keep from getting ripped to shreds in his new armor with so many spots where a monster’s claws can do serious damage to him. We can’t have those gorgeous abs of his chopped up to a bloody pulp. The new look is lovely on the Witcher but I don’t see how he can comfortably move around in that getup much less sit down or bend in it. But Geralt/Henry of Rivera looks HOT.

  8. I really liked his “character and his understanding of the human mind ” really excited for the coming of season 2

  9. Henry/ Geralt look fantastic. He’s the reason I’m looking forward for s2. I hope he’ll kill some monsters with this armour. Can’t wait!

  10. Oh man. I was kind of hoping they’d give Geralt a little more colour to his armour and/or clothes this second season. A little brown leather, or at least a white undershirt. But I guess not.

    1. You never know. It’s only a promo pic from a couple of episodes. Maybe he’ll get more armors? Or at least in flashbacks or in flashforwards. I’d love a white undershirt and a little brown in his armor as well. Let’s hope

  11. He looks so good. We are in for a treat. But more important than the costume is how the actor portrays Geralt and I’m so happy Mr. Cavill was casted in the role. I’m rereading the books and I can’t imagine anyone else.

  12. The armour feels a little weird for a Witcher but it’s not a big deal. Also, they only shot 2 episodes so far, they will have flashbacks and flashforwards and he might get more costumes. Henry Cavill looks amazing though. His face, the wig are all pretty great.

  13. The more I see the pics the more I like them (It’s Henry F Cavill after all) and once the acting and the story takes over, the armor will be even less of a deal.

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