EXCLUSIVE: First look at Ciri’s new costume in The Witcher Season 2


Netflix’s The Witcher has been filming for over a month now and so far we didn’t get the chance to have a good look at the scenes being filmed. That changes today, as we have something very interesting to show you that involves none other than Ciri.

Redanian Intelligence has exclusively obtained pictures from the Witcher filming that took place on October 1, 2020 not too far from the series’ headquarters at Arborfield Studios. Photo credit goes to Burst Photos.

Here we have our first look at Ciri‘s costume in The Witcher Season 2. This new costume is likely her witcheress outfit, which will be given to her during her training in Kaer Morhen.

Freya Allan as Ciri in Season 2 of The Witcher. Or is it her stunt double? Freya can be seen more clearly in another photo below, but just her face

Next to Ciri, we see two more women: one tall and ash-blonde, very likely a famous elf, and the other a redhead. We have not identified who the women are with certainty, but our sources told us that the legendary elven sorceress and Ciri’s ancestor Lara Dorren would appear in the second season, so there is a strong possibility the tall, blonde, elven-like woman is actually her and we are witnessing a flashback/vision scene. In another image (available in the gallery below), the woman who may be Lara Dorren can be seen wearing the show’s pointed elven ears.

Ciri and Lara Dorren?
Could the redhead be Queen Cerro?

As for the identity of the second woman, we really can’t say. Our best guess would be Cerro, the Redanian queen who adopted Lara Dorren’s daughter Riannon. But this is just a guess and we could be wrong.

One other notable thing in the pictures is the tree. It has been burnt and split in two, or perhaps struck by lightning. This could have been caused by Ciri’s powers.

Take a look at the full gallery below:

UPDATE: Here’s another photo from Surrey Live who spoke to a local woman that took it. She told them that “there was this big artificial tree with lots of lights going down it.” That could confirm our earlier theory about the tree being struck by lightning.

With these photos, we are excited to see what the scene is really about and even more excited to try getting more photos from the sets of The Witcher.

11 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: First look at Ciri’s new costume in The Witcher Season 2”

  1. I think they just went to the third book in the series(first in the story) where ciri meets triss at Kaer Morhen while she is training

    1. Only Triss in the Netflix series doesn’t have chestnut red hair or a pale complexion like in the books, so it can’t be that scene.

  2. it looks nice, really good that they are moving on with production. I am afraid of eels, dario and writers from usa, but on the other hand love Sapkowski so much that I cannot wait!
    fingers crossed!

    1. Unfortunately it can’t be as Triss Merigold in the Netflix series doesn’t have chestnut red hair or a pale complexion like in the books. Did you not see Triss in the first season on Netflix? She doesn’t look anything like in the books and her personality is completely different too.

      1. Since when is chestnut a shade of red? It is a shade of brown with reddish hints So Triss in the series actually looks perfectly like what was described in the books.

      2. jesus people really need to learn already what chesnut means. it’s NoT red hair. you people are just confused by the games. chesnut is brown hair that has warm redish glow in the sun.. but it’s still brown. anyways the woman described in the article is clearly not Triss I just wanted to clear up the hair confusion.

      3. In original books first about Triss hair was young chesnut (in central Europe this is half light brown half red) and last about Triss hair was rusty color.

  3. From what I can see Ciri costume looks faithful to the game Witcher 3. Which I think is great. While the books came first, most of us fans around the world until the series knew The Witcher from the C.D.P.R game series, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in particular. Even Henry Cavill said that’s how he first knew of the Witcher as a concept. Even Henry’s look in the series mirrors Geralt from Witcher 3.(in that game, Geralt went from a sullen menacing look to a more handsome look)

  4. It’s true that chestnut is an color shade of brown hair. However cornflower blue eyes (description of Triss in the book) is NOT a shade of brown.

  5. I have a terrible weakness for redheads, and have since I was 14, due to my first gf being as ginger-haired and green eyed as one of Irish descent can get lol. Thanks Melinda, you truly ruined me for other women.
    Aaannyy way, this has given me a bias towards Triss’ depiction from the games, and no great fondness for the series iteration, no matter how gorgeous I find the current actress from the show to be, and I def do lol.
    But I don’t believe she’s been recast, so, alas, that’s probably not her in the recent set photo.

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