The Witcher picks its fight coordinator for Season 2


Ever since fight choreographer Vladimir Furdik broke the news that he would not be returning for the second season of Netflux’s The Witcher, the question of his replacement was heard quite often in the fandom. Many have praised the choreography of the Blaviken fight staged by Henry Cavill’s friend Wolfgang Stegemann and hoped for his comeback. Redanian Intelligence has learned that this will not be the case.

We have learned that the fight choreographer for The Witcher Season 2 will be stuntman and stunt coordinator Thomas Hacikoglu who was assistant to Wolfgang Stegemann on the Blaviken fight and can be spotted in the scene as one of Renfri’s men. He has also worked as a stunt coordinator on productions like Berlin Station, Ultimate Justice and Fotoautomat Man.

The overall stunt coordinator for the second season will be Adam Horton, replacing Mark Henson from the first season. Wolfgang Stegemann is presumably unavailable as he’s currently working hard on Mission Impossible 7.

We can’t wait to see what Thomas Hacikoglu brings to the table in the second season and we’re hoping for good quality action as seen in the Blaviken fight.

The Witcher Season 2 is now in production for a 2021 release.

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  1. Weirdly ironic that Stegemann isn’t available because he’s working on Mission: Impossible 7, since that production has now shut down because of corona virus outbreak in Italy where they were filming. Cast and crew told to ‘go home.’ So presumably Stegemann would be available to work on Witcher!

  2. I do not understand. Sorcerers are immune to diseases. Except for Triss Merigold. And isn’t there “Lytta Neid” there? A few healing spells and that was it. Or do they want to make us believe that the sorceresses are as fake as the whole script?

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