The Witcher filming the aftermath of a battle with dead Nilfgaardians and horses


Netflix has entered production on the second season of Henry Cavill’s The Witcher earlier this month, filming on location with an army of Elves in the forests of Surrey. Though the last few days have been relatively quiet, the crew has been hard at work filming another sequence from one of the first two episodes. This one seems to involve a battle waged between Nilfgaard and an opposing force.

A report by Get Surrey confirms that Netflix has taken to Bourne Wood, a location previously used for a battle scene in Gladiator, the sixth Harry Potter film and many more. Onlookers have spotted an assortment of bodies spread out on location, including the fake corpses of horses. As well, extras have been spotted dressed in the old (and controversial) Nilfgaardian armor.

Image via Get Surrey
Image via Get Surrey

Though showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich has already confirmed the Nilfgaardian armor will be redesigned in season two following fan feedback, it seems the armor will be used in the first few episodes for continuity reasons. As a reminder, season one ended with a major battle between Nilfgaard and the mages on Sodden Hill, and it’s likely the scene in question will serve as a followup to that.

Naturally, the old Nilfgaardian armor will have to reappear for these scenes, as they happen immediately after the battle where the old armor was used. The Nilfgaardians are expected to get a makeover later in season two, via new costume designer Lucinda Wright.

Onlookers share closeup videos from the location
Notice that these corpses are peppered with arrows. Is this the work of the Scoia’tael?

Netflix will be filming this sequence (and possibly others) in Bourne Wood until March 2, with various vehicles and horses and “pyrotechnics”. This sounds very much like a battle sequence, though it might also be the aftermath of one.

If a battle will indeed be fought early in season one, who could the Nilfgaardians be fighting? An obvious possibility is King Foltest of Temeria (played by Shaun Dooley) who joined the mages with his army in the season one finale, though it may also be the Scoia’tael (the Elven army). The fact that these corpses are chock-full of arrows may indicate that, as the bow is the go-to weapon of the Elven rebels.

Hopefully, more leaks and pictures will shed light on this sequence in the coming days. Stay tuned with Redanian Intelligence for all the details. In the meantime, take a look at the last big leak from season two, featuring Anya Chalotra (Yennefer), Mimi Ndiweni (Fringilla), Tom Canton (King Filavandrel) and new cast member Mecia Simson (Francesca).

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  1. Well, I already kinda suspected they’re gonna avoid allying their poor, innocent, noble elves to the evil kingdom of Nilfgaard. If true, it would serve as yet another example of how supposedly minor changes in S1 are not so inconsequential.
    It’s not nitpicking if it affects worldbuilding and major plot points, genius!

  2. Well, it would be strange, because Nilfgaard and Scoia’tael do cooperate in the books. But who knows what the show is making out of it.

    Well, I’d be really surprised if second season turned out to be the a real adaptation.

    1. I hope not. The mass uprising of elder races cooperating with the Black ones is very essential. I’d be pretty disappointed. They may change it to showing they have little choice

  3. Do not forget that the elves only join with Nilfgaard after the first war is over. It will be interesting, at the very least, to see how they will change sides in the Continent politics

  4. it is really sad to imagine how well the program could have been received (on all fronts, at least, not just exaggerated fans) and well seen .. really something that could be seen as a worthy successor to feel the hole left after the GoT (although I don’t like comparison with GoT, as it is quite different) .. being the next big hit, fandoms and people falling in love with Yen, Geralt, Ciri in the same way that people fall in love with them in books ( or even games for that matter). Opening up this incredible world to the wider audience, showing them that fantasy stories can be like that, too.

    but we’re pretty much stuck with a generic program like many others before that 🙁 it’s hard to see it related. at least if they managed to not call it “The Witcher” and “book-based”.

  5. We can thank Netflix and Laurens for their insight.

    I mean, most of Netflix is ​​pretty mediocre, that should have been our first warning. Outside of your OC, I would say that Daredevil and Stranger Things are really quality, great shows. Ozark and Peaky Blinders are also very good. But for these four shows, there are countless other rather mediocre films and programs that they make.

    But even those who don’t light a candle on HBO shows like Sopranos or Boardwalk Empire.

    And Hissrich is the worst type of Showrunner IMO. On paper, she looks great: she’s very good at public relations and happened to help work on Daredevil for a few episodes.

    But in reality, his mediocre ability is shown. The last episode was one of the worst writings and was straight from her hand. No competent showrunner would ever show the Ballsack armor. She hires and supports writers who have literally 0 experience (Haily Hall), basically making the program a training ground for mediocre writing. She seems to have a strange view of women too. Yennefer is topless for no real reason in parts of the show. Yennefer also blames everyone else for his own choices and has a baby fever for some reason. Then Yennefer’s mass rapes an entire mansion of people. Imagine the outrage if a magician forces people to have sex for their own pleasure? Hissrichs’ confusion when presented with how problematic this scene not only exposes his incompetence, but his strange double standards.

    1. Part of me is wondering if you have even read the books? Yen does have a “baby fever” in the books and part of the story is how Ciri essentially fills that role for Yennefer. I don’t like the changes from the book but I know there is a reason for it. You try cramming in Sapkowski’s The Edge of the World into a one hour episode. I’m making an effort to see why they are doing what they’re doing and know that there is a reason for everything. I also know that Hissrich appreciates fan feedback which proves that she actually better than most showrunners. I think of quite a writers and showrunners who aren’t open to fan feedback. They are trying the best they can and I personally think they have done an excellent job.

  6. People, Season 2 is going to be great! Who knows what else lauren escapes from the nimble pen? We look forward to it. Well, it’s not the books anymore, but who cares? Well, the characters behave completely differently, the magic has completely different origins, Nilfgard is evil, the northern kingdoms are good, Yennefer is a warrior, the bard Yaskier is the jester, new characters spring up everywhere – but otherwise everything is fine. Don’t be so petty.

  7. Just wanted to thank yall at redanian intelligence for your great and unbiased style of informning us all about news on the witcher

    keep up the good work 🙂

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