The Witcher Season 2 to film over six days in Dorking

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As we reported yesterday, filming for season two of Netflix’s The Witcher is fully underway in the Redlands wood near Dorking, Surrey. According to a new article from, the trailers and tents spotted near Coldharbour lane are actually there for a production called “Mysterious Monsters” (MM), probably indicated by production shields on site. If this concerns you, worry not: At Redanian Intelligence, we have known for quite a while that Mysterious Monsters is used by The Witcher team as a codename for the second season.

The Witcher team near Dorking

Thanks to, we now have detailed information of what exactly is going on in the area. Accordingly, filming will take place over six days involving stunts, horses and special effects. Filming at Milton Gore already took place on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Today, the team moved to the Redlands Forest, filming extensive nightshoots, lasting from 4pm until 2am on Saturday. The production will continue there on Monday February 17th to film from 7am to 5pm and film on Tuesday and Wednesday next week at the same time.

Take a look at these pictures we found via crew members to get an impression of the nightshoots that have already been filmed and what’s been going on during daytime.

Now what exactly could these scenes be for? “Stunts, horses and special effects” sounds suspiciously like a battle scene and the densely wooded area could stand in for the large forests surrounding Sodden Hill, the place of season one’s climactic battle. As things were left hanging in the air following the heroic last stand of the Northern mages against the superior forces of Nilfgaard, we expect to see the aftermath of the fight in one of the early episodes of the new season. Giving her last, Yennefer has mysteriously vanished, leaving the rest of the Northern mages likely to be overrun. However, the arrival of King Foltest with the armies of Temeria and Kaedwen as well as the imminent advance of a second and larger Nilfgaardian army means the fight is far from over.

As always, stay tuned for more updates. We cannot wait to see where the road takes us next!

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