The Witcher adds new witchers to its cast: Lambert and Coën


As filming has commenced on the new season of Netflix’s The Witcher, we’re all waiting for a big casting announcement. Only Netflix knows when that will be, but today we have two fan-favourite witchers, one of which has a very prominent role in the games. They will be joining Henry Cavill‘s Geralt of Rivia for approximately three episodes in season two.

First up is the only witcher who Geralt wrote a limerick for: Lambert. Lambert will be played by Paul Bullion, who has appeared in such dramas as Peaky Blinders and The Bastard Executioner and will have a minor role in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune this year. We were suspecting that Paul was part of the new season for quite some time and it’s nice to finally put a name to his character.

Paul Bullion in The Bastard Executioner

Then we have Coën, a witcher from Poviss, who isn’t originally from the School of the Wolf, but does spend time in Kaer Morhen nonetheless. Coën will be played by Yasen Atour. Atour has appeared in shows like Dark Heart, Strike Back and will have a major role in the upcoming series Young Wallander which was cast by The Witcher‘s casting director Sophie Holland and features some of “our” actors such as Bart Edwards and Therica Wilson-Read.

Yasen Atour

As mentioned above, both actors are expected to appear in at least three episodes, which might indicate approximately how long the much-anticipated Kaer Morhen arc will be in Season 2. We still don’t know who was cast as Vesemir or Eskel, but they aren’t that far away now. Hopefully, we’ll hear about them soon!

The second season of The Witcher wraps sometime in August for a 2021 release. Until then make sure to check our updates on the filming process.

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