Kristofer Hivju confirmed as Nivellen in The Witcher


Last month we made our educated guess about Game of Thrones star Kristofer Hivju potentially being cast in Netflix’s The Witcher. We even suggested that he would be ideal for the role of Nivellen from the short story “A Grain of Truth”. We have been right all along!

We have obtained a casting breakdown of the new season which confirms that Hivju has been cast as “Nigel”. Nigel is a codename for Nivellen and the character description suggests exactly that.

Nigel or Nivellen is described as a charismatic, witty and funny man. He’s from an aristocratic family and has been cursed for the crimes he has committed in the past. The role is described as physically demanding with a requirement for a great emotional range.

Kristofer Hivju

As the casting sheet suggests, Nivellen will appear only in the opening episode of Season 2. Just as we reported back in December, we will see an adaptation of “A Grain of Truth” early in the new season.

We have more casting breakdowns so stay tuned for those!

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