The Witcher Season 2 now filming in the Surrey Hills, UK

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On February 12 of 2020, Netflix entered the first day of filming for the second season of Henry Cavill’s The Witcher. We know very little about season two at this time, and many new cast members are expected to be announced (for the roles of Vesemir, Eskel, Lambert, Francesca, Philippa, Dijkstra and more), but we have now learned details of season two’s first location shoot in the Surrey Hills.

A recent report from Get Surrey suggested that the Witcher crew have been filming at the Surrey Redlands, near Dorking. We are now able to confirm that the rumor is true. The Witcher crew have gathered in Surrey for two back-to-back night-shoots on the 12th and 13th, filming in the forest with smoke machines and massive lighting rigs.

Filming equipment inside the forest, image via Get Surrey
The Witcher trailers parked outside the location (via Get Surrey)

In our last report, we revealed that Nilfgaardian extras have been seen in costume fittings at Arborfield Studios, wearing the same controversial armor from season two. These extras are likely involved in the filming at Surrey, as we speculate that the scenes filmed there serve as a direct continuation of season one’s climactic Battle of Sodden (hence the smoke machines in the forest). In this scenario, the old Nilfgaardian armor will reappear in the first couple of episodes for the sake of continuity before being replaced (as showrunner Lauren Hissrich has said it would be). We will likely see more of Fringilla and Cahir as the Nilfgaardian armies retreat, and it’s possible as well that Anya Chalotra’s Yennefer will be involved in this storyline, as her fate is left mysterious at the end of season one.

Ominous smoke in the forests of Surrey, from The Witcher’s nightshoots
Nilfgaardians at Arborfield Studios

Regarding casting news, we hope to unveil the casting of one or two witchers very soon (characters fans of the books and games alike will be excited about). Stay tuned with Redanian Intelligence for all future developments on The Witcher season two.

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