Month: January 2020

The Witcher Season 2 to film in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Scotland according to a new report

We’ve already reported that the second season of Netflix’s The Witcher will be mostly filmed in Arborfield Studios, UK as well as the Scottish Isle of Skye. Now, a new report from The Knowledge, a premium production portal, suggests that besides Scotland and England, the new season will also be filmed in Czech Republic and

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Witcher Lore: Explaining the Nilfgaardian Empire and the prophecy that drives them

Netflix’s Henry Cavill-led fantasy hit The Witcher debuted its first season in December, quickly becoming one of the streaming giant’s most popular series. Featuring eight episodes dense with characters, timelines, monsters and magic, the series merely introduces viewers to the rich history of the Continent. Unsurprisingly, many fans were left with more questions than answers.

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The Witcher author on adaptations: “They’re almost always worse”

“Are you satisfied with the script?” the interviewer asked The Witcher author Andrzej Sapkowski a few months before Netflix premiered its first season of the Henry Cavill series. The author, well known for his controversial humor, did not answer “by the book”. The video is available on YouTube, and we have the translation’s transcript below.

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Netflix builds a Witcher town in Arborfield Studios, UK (Exclusive)

Ever since we heard the news that Netflix’s The Witcher is moving production to the UK, the question was: which studio would they use as the production hub from now on? Previously, we thought it could be Netflix’s studio in Shepperton, but we have now learned that it will in fact be Arborfield Studios. Located

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Game of Thrones’ first Night King was originally going to play Ronin Mage in The Witcher

We all know that Vladimir Furdik, who played The Night King on HBO’s Game of Thrones was the fight choreographer for Netflix’s The Witcher, designing the fight scenes for Henry Cavill and the rest. But there is another rather surprising Game of Thrones connection we were unaware of. Costume designer Tim Aslam revealed via his

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Unused Witcher costumes reveal lore-friendly Jaskier hat and Renfri flashbacks

Anyone who has watched The Witcher on Netflix will attest that, other than Henry Cavill’s monster slayer and Anya Chalotra’s sorceress, the breakout performance of the season belongs to Joey Batey and the bard Jaskier. Though Batey managed to bring the novels’ character to life quite admirably, one important change sets him apart from the

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