The Witcher Season 2 to film in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Scotland according to a new report


We’ve already reported that the second season of Netflix’s The Witcher will be mostly filmed in Arborfield Studios, UK as well as the Scottish Isle of Skye. Now, a new report from The Knowledge, a premium production portal, suggests that besides Scotland and England, the new season will also be filmed in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

While we don’t know anything about what might be filmed in Czech Republic, we do know that The Witcher‘s first season has already filmed in Slovakia for a little bit.

The twin fortresses of Komarom and Komarno at the Hungarian-Slovakian border were both used for various shots in Cintra. Based on what we’ve heard ourselves, it is entirely possible that the show will revisit Cintra once again in addition to possible new Slovakian locations.

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There are no further details at the moment regarding exact dates and places, but both Czech Republic and Slovakia offer a great variety of picturesque locations with that nice Central European atmosphere that will be just perfect for The Witcher.

The Witcher Season 2 is due to start filming in February for a 2021 release. Until then, we will have an animated film based on The Witcher‘s universe titled “Nightmare of the Wolf“. Check out the details below:

7 comments on “The Witcher Season 2 to film in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Scotland according to a new report”

  1. If they have their wits about them, they will film the Kaer Morhen scenes not in Komárom / Komarnom, but Szepes / Spišský hrad. One of the largest castle ruins in Europe, it would be the perfect Kaer Morhen.

  2. Scotland – Skellige
    Slovakia – Kaer Morhen
    South Moravia – Toussaint
    Czechia – medieval villages
    But what about Poland??? It must be. Maybe Malbork/Kwidzyn as Oxenfurt or Gdańsk as Novigrad

    1. Personally dont think we will see Toussaint in this seasson (its way too soon for that) and also believe Czech has more to offer then medieval villages. Maybe Oxenfurt, Pontar river could be captured here. There could be nice conditions for temple of Melitele as well.

  3. They should get this over with and commit to New Zealand as Hercules / Xena, the program doesn’t look much better than that.

  4. Why will going to all these places look the same? I didn’t feel like they changed locations in the first season.

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