The Witcher adds two new directors for Season 2


The first season of Netflix’s The Witcher has been out for a month and although we won’t be seeing Henry Cavill’s return to the screen as Geralt of Rivia this year, pre-production of season two is in full swing. We’ve already unveiled a few puzzles, including a witcher town in the making, a possible cast addition, and latest of all an audition tape for the role of Sigismund Dijkstra, the much beloved Redanian spymaster.

Two week ago, we also reported on The Witcher’s scouting team’s visit to the Isle of Skye with Stephen Surjik (DaredevilJessica JonesThe Umbrella Academy) in tow, who seems to be working on the show in a directorial capacity, though this has yet to be confirmed by Netflix. Now we can exclusively reveal two more directors who will oversee an unknown number of episodes of The Witcher’s second season.

First is BAFTA nominated director Edward Bazalgette, who has worked on many television dramas since the early 2000s. Among his more recent works are shows like The Last Kingdom, Poldark, Doctor Who and Versailles. Before becoming a director, he’s also worked as an editor, a producer and funnily enough as the lead guitarist of the 1980s rock group The Vapors.

Edward Bazalgette, photo credits via Curtis Brown

The second addition is Sarah O’Gorman, who has made a name for herself as the director of British television shows such as No Offence, Death in Paradise, Jamestown, and most recently Netflix’s upcoming re-imagining of the Arthurian legend Cursed.

Sarah O’Gorman, photo credits via

Fans have been wondering for some time whether the show will completely exchange its team of directors or whether some of the old guard will stay to helm one or two episodes of The Witcher‘s second season. With Surjik, Bazalgette, and O’Gorman on board, the first option has arguably become more likely, though there might still be a chance for Alex Garcia Lopez or Charlotte Brändström, provided there’s an equal split of two episodes per director.

It’s unlikely that Alik Sakharov will return, since word is they split “amicably over creative differences”. Marc Jobst, who was in charge of the first season’s reshoots and the final episode has said via reddit that he’d jump at the chance of working on season two but the current dates don’t work with his schedule.

Whatever the case, we’re likely to find out more very soon as filming starts in February. Until then, stay tuned to Redanian Intelligence for all things Witcher,

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  1. You won’t be disappointed with the second season of The Witch Her (as someone once said on this sub) then. How couldn’t we feel overwhelmed by confidence after Lauren’s last interview and her enthusiasm about writing Fringilla’s backstory? Queens will slay.

  2. I liked the S1 drama, especially the one involving that angry teenage girl who performed a superhero landing at the last episode. I can’t wait to see her in marvel phase 4…wrong universe! Don’t mind me.

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