Three new actors cast in Amazon’s Wheel of Time


To launch our new project, we will present you three new cast members we have discovered to have been cast in Amazon’s Wheel of Time.

Firstly, we have Barney Harris’ Matrim Cauthon’s parents: Abell and Natti Cauthon. Abell will be played by Christopher Sciueref. His latest projects include The Flood with Lena Headey and 300: Rise of an Empire and Natti will be played by Juliet Howland. Howland recently appeared in The Death and Life of John F. Donovan starring Kit Harington.

Christopher Sciueref and Juliet Howland

We have also discovered that Helena Westerman will appear as Laila Aybara. There doesn’t seem to be a character by that name in the books, but it’s obvious that in the series she will be a relative to the Aybaras.

Helena Westerman

UPDATE: Entries listing Wheel of Time have been swiftly removed from all three actors’ CVs, but we managed to find a screenshot of Westerman’s entry.

We’ll keep an eye on more casting news.

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    1. They were removed because of this article. Unfortunately we only found a screenshot of one (Laila). We’ll screencap next time before we share. But you can trust us 🙂

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