Amazon’s Wheel of Time casts a Trolloc and a Whitecloak; production wrap date revealed along with an episode count


Amazon’s adaption of the Robert Jordan-penned fantasy epic Wheel of Time has entered production this September, with Rosamund Pike leading a robust ensemble cast. Though most of the actors behind the series’ key characters have already been revealed (at least with regards to the first season), we have recently uncovered several new additions. Production is set to wrap mid-May.

Abdul Salis, cast as Eamon Valda

The first and most notable new casting is Eamon Valda, a member of the “Children of the Light”. The Children, also known as Whitecloaks, are an independent military organization which effectively rules the nation of Amadicia. The Children’s main purpose is to root out any and all Darkfriends, humans who serve the Dark One. Eamon Valda belongs to the Whitecloaks’ “Council of Anointed”, and serves directly under the Lord Commander Pedron Niall. Though the Whitecloaks have a significant role in the novels, Valda himself only debuts in the series’ sixth novel, Lord of Chaos. How he will fit into the story of season one remains to be seen.

Valda will be portrayed by Abdul Salis.

Next up, we have a relatively minor character called Master Hightower. Hightower appears in the series’ first novel, The Eye of the World, and interacts with the the main characters (including Pike’s Moiraine and the crew from Two Rivers). In the books, Hightower is the owner of a ferry in the town of Taren Ferry, and helps the main characters cross a river as they escape the Shadowspawn (creatures of the Dark One).

Hightower will be played by Pearce Quigley.

Next up, we have a stunt actor who will be playing a Trolloc. The Trollocs are the most common type of Shadowspawn (the aforementioned creatures of the Dark One). Stunt actor Roman Dvořák will be playing the show’s first confirmed Trolloc (of many). Expect to see him enhanced with added prosthetics and CGI when the show releases (horns included).

Lastly, we’ve uncovered the casting of two child actresses who will portray Eldrin and Bode (Bodewhin), the sisters of Matrim Cauthon. Not long ago, we were able to find the cast members who play Matt’s parents, so it seems the show will explore this family dynamic.

Production details of Wheel of Time via a production agency

Finally, data found on a production agency reveals that Amazon will wrap filming of Wheel of Time season one on May 20. It also reveals that the first season will consist of only 8 episodes. A release date has not been officially announced for the show, but it’s likely that Amazon will drop the first season by the end of 2020.

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