Callum Coates cast as Doppler Mousesack and other Witcher casting tidbits

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In this report we have several Witcher casting tidbits including a role reveal we didn’t really anticipate.

British actor Callum Coates has been cast as Doppler Mousesack. We have known about his involvement in The Witcher since February, but only now can we confirm his role and, admittedly, it’s unexpected. Speculations were suggesting Callum as Borch Three Jackdaws, Neville or Dorregaray, but the truth turned out to be more intriguing.

Callum Coates performing on stage

If you’re unfamiliar with Witcher lore, Geralt of Rivia has a handy explanation of what a doppler is: “All a doppler has to do is observe its victim closely in order to quickly and unerringly adapt to the necessary material structure. I would point out that it’s not an illusion, but a complete, precise transformation. To the minutest detail.

“How a mimic does it, no one knows. Sorcerers suspect the same component of the blood is at work here as with lycanthropy, but I think it’s either something totally different or a thousandfold more powerful. After all, a werewolf has only two – at most three – different forms, while a doppler can transform into anything it wants to, as long as the body mass more or less tallies.”

How does a doppler impersonating Mousesack fit in the story? Perhaps the same way as Doppler Cahir played by Benjamin Chaffin? But why does a doppler need two actors? Will dopplers just be good lookalikes and not exact copies in the show? So many questions, not enough answers. What is certain, though, is that these dopplers will be seen in either Episode 5 or Episode 6 as both actors list Charlotte Brandstrom as their director.

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Next we have a young Hungarian actor Levente Lippai playing an original character named Zeke in Episode 2 which will adapt the short story The Edge of the World.

Lastly, we have an update on actress Helena Klaus who we previously speculated to be involved in the rumoured animated series project. It turns out that Helena along with actress Judith Georgi (and presumably many others) recorded ADR for The Witcher.

On her IMDb page she is listed as part of an ADR loop group for Bohemian Rhapsody and Wonder Woman. ADR loop groups record those indistinctive conversations in the background that you hear all the time whenever a scene takes place in a public space. The chatter in the streets or in a restaurant – those are work of ADR loop groups designed to make the scenes feel more atmospheric and real. It’s likely that both Helena and Judith did just that for The Witcher. On another note, Judith also recorded ADR for a dryad.

So since Callum Coates isn’t Borch, the hunt for the golden dragon continues. We’ll keep you updated if we find him!

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