Pre-SDCC Cast Update: Ossian Perret confirms his role, and more

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For many months, we’ve wondered who cast member Ossian Perret would be playing in The Witcher’s first season, and today he revealed his role on social media via a heartfelt Instagram post accompanied by some lovely pictures of the cast having a ball on set. In addition to this piece of news, Redanian Operatives were able to uncover a few other casting details.

In our recent interview with Blair Kincaid, The Witcher’s Crach An Craite, he mentioned the positive atmosphere on set. Now, his fellow castmember and friend, Ossian Perret has joined the chorus of praise.

“In light of The Witcher being at comic con today,” Ossian writes on his Instagram profile, “I thought I’d throw back to a few pics from my time on it. One of the most beautiful things I think in this profession is the power it has to bring people together. And I got to hang with some of the most wonderful humans on this planet! It was an absolute pleasure! Kudos to the brilliant atmos[phere], the best people and a great time. [Crossing my fingers] for a trailer today!”

Ossian and his best pal on set, Blair Kincaid, who plays the Sea Boar Crach An Craite
Ossian and Gaia Mondidori, who plays Princess Pavetta (Ciri’s mother)
Ossian, Freya Allan (Ciri), Anya Chalotra (Yennefer) and Blair Kincaid (Crach) and the in-character Joey Batey (Jaskier, aka Dandelion) in the back

In the very last photo Ossian posted, he finally revealed his character’s role with a picture of his own trailer. The character Lord Tinglant is obscure even among book readers, but Redanian Intelligence has you covered! We meet this character in the books in a large feast held in the city of Cintra, a feast in which Princess Pavetta’s marriage is to be decided. Lord Tinglant is one of many suitors who attempts to court the princess, who will be played by Gaia Mondidori in the show. Blair Kincaid’s Crach An Craite is another such suitor.

And that leaves one actor whose role is still mysterious to us: Declan Hannigan. As seen in the featured tweet of this very post, Declan shared scenes with these cast members and filmed in the same time frame, and so it is believed he will also be part of the Cintra shoot. Potential guesses for Declan’s role include the general Vissegerd, the fool Coodcoodac and the steward Haxo.

And now on to two smaller casting updates!

First, the actor Donal Finn, who has previously been announced as “Netty”, has updated his CV. As expected, “Netty” was indeed a typo, and Donal will be playing the book character Nettly from the short story Edge of the World. This short story will feature in the show’s second episode. Another addition to the cast is David Broughton-Davies, who will play “Council Leader” in an episode directed by Alex Garcia Lopez. This narrows his appearance down to either episode 3 or 4. It’s possible he will be part of the council of King Foltest (played by Shaun Dooley) in the city of Wyzim alongside Triss Merigold (played by Anna Shaffer), Lord Ostrit (played by Jason Thorpe, who we’ve interviewed as well) and Captain Segelin (Sam Marks).

In addition to Finn and Broughton-Davis, IMDb updated The Witcher’s cast list bringing us a new name: Bogdan Iancu. According to his filmography, he’ll be playing Mikal in episode 3, which we know to be directed by Alex Garcia Lopez. Iancu acknowledged the role in a recent Instagram story linking to the newly released teaser.

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That’s it for now, but there is hope that Comic Con’s Witcher panel will shed more light on the show’s ever-growing ensemble. Is it too much to hope for some Borch casting? Perhaps it is, but our fingers are still crossed.

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