First teaser trailer of The Witcher to drop after the Comic Con panel

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The day has come. We’ve been waiting for more than two years, since the project’s first announcement in May 2017, to see any footage of Netflix’s The Witcher. Now, the big moment is very, very close, as confirmed by executive producer Tomasz Baginski.

In his latest Facebook post, Tomasz (or Tomek for short) referenced “‘that’ trailer we are all waiting for”:

Tomek promised it will be worth the wait. Then, in the comments, when asked about a live-stream, he confirmed that the teaser drops after The Witcher panel:

Fan: I take that there is no chance for an official stream from the event?

Bagiński: I know that a few people will be streaming from the room, but I have no idea about official stuff. Anyway, the teaser will drop on the net shortly after the event.

So there you have it, from the very man who set this project in motion. As for the live-stream, we’d like to remind you that we will be live-tweeting the panel, so keep an eye on our Twitter at @RedanianIntel!

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