WATCH: The Witcher cast’s first shared interviews at Comic Con!

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With The Witcher panel mere hours away, exciting news comes courtesy of Entertainment Tonight. As one of the many major news outlets on hand at Comic Con, it appears Entertainment Tonight is aiming to feed Witcher fans, and this time, the feeding was live streamed. Airing three and a half hours before The Witcher’s cast and crew were to convene in Hall H for the long-anticipated panel, this live-stream gave us Witcher fans our first proper interview of the cast side-by-side.

A second interview was held by Entertainment Weekly, and this one distributed the questions more evenly between our stars, so make sure to watch it as well! Transcriptions and recaps are coming soon.

And onward to the official Witcher panel! Redanian Intelligence will be live-tweeting updates throughout the panel thanks to our agents out in the field. You know what this means — now is the time to hit that follow button so you don’t miss a thing!

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