Lila Prideaux’s role in The Witcher revealed!

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We first learned about Lila Prideaux when she suddenly appeared on the IMDb cast list on the show. The name of her character wasn’t listed and that led everyone to theories and speculations. Is she young Ciri? She does look a little bit like Freya Allan. Or is she perhaps just another original character? The truth is, she is neither.

According to her acting CV, Lila has been cast as young Renfri. This can’t come as a shock since we were aware that we would see flashbacks from Renfri’s childhood. We even have footage of Lars Mikkelsen as the mage Stregobor and Inge Beckmann as Renfri’s stepmother Aridea filming a scene with several children around. Then, we learned that young actress Ellè McGhie played “Princess’ childhood friend”.

Lars Mikkelsen, Inge Beckmann, Ellè McGhie and other filming The Witcher. Source: Canarias7
Ellè McGhie seeing herself in Spanish newspaper
Lila Prideaux, our young Renfri

There is only one thing that isn’t quite clear. Has Lila always been cast as young Renfri and only appeared on our radars now or was there someone else before her? If they have recast adult Renfri, could they have recast young Renfri as well? If so, does the new Renfri look somewhat like Lila? Our previous suggestion was that the new Renfri could perhaps be Emma Appleton, but that looks less likely now.

We’ll keep our cast watch and you stay tuned for our next scoop with exclusive photos from the set.

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