The Witcher is filming mage scenes at a Hungarian castle


After the Easter break that lasted until the first days of the week, filming of Season 1 moved on to the Egri vár másolata castle in the Pest county of Hungary. We have learned from a source that filming involved what looked likea mage and sorceresses and that Henry Cavill was not present. They were also filming in the evening and at night.

While no names were specified, social media activity of the cast and crew implies that the scenes involve at least Vilgefortz and Sabrina. Also, Rhianna McGreevy and Jack Bandeira are currently in Budapest for filming. Both were identified on pictures and videos from the Poland shoot and while we don’t know who Rhianna is, we know that Jack plays a “young alderman”.

That looks very much like same the lineup of actors we saw at the Ogrodzeniec castle in Poland earlier this month: mages, other people and no Geralt. What’s happening there then? Like previously, we have no idea, but Therica shared a photo of the bruises on her arm after “another day at the office”.

Ouch! That must be painful. Does someone grab her by the arm during a scene? We’ll have to wait and find out later this year. In the meantime we can look at more pictures of the location.
This castle and its courtyard look somewhat similar to the Ogrodzeniec castle. And the actors lineup seems to be the same, as mentioned above. It looks very much like what they have filmed this week is directly tied to what they filmed in Poland.

Some of the cast and crew may have had a wrap party several days ago, but it looks like we’ll be getting food from the set for a little while longer yet as there is a few more weeks of filming left.