Jason Thorpe cast as Lord Ostrit

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It has been some time since we heard anything about book characters being cast in the show, but today we learned that Jason Thorpe has been cast as Lord Ostrit, a courtier in the court of King Foltest. That’s not the only interesting thing about this news. The actor confirmed it himself in his Twitter:

To refresh the memory, Ostrit was in love with king’s sister Adda and was very upset by her incestuous relationship with Foltest and her pregnancy from him. He cursed them and might very well have been the reason why the child, also named Adda, rose as a striga years after being buried after dying in labour with her mother.

Considering all that we already know about The Witcher short story in the show, its adaptation will appear in Episode 3 of the Netflix series.

If you want to see more of Jason, make sure you check out Curfew, his new Sky One TV-series that also stars Sean Bean.

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