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Netflix builds a Witcher town in Arborfield Studios, UK (Exclusive)

Ever since we heard the news that Netflix’s The Witcher is moving production to the UK, the question was: which studio would they use as the production hub from now on? Previously, we thought it could be Netflix’s studio in Shepperton, but we have now learned that it will in fact be Arborfield Studios. Located

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Game of Thrones’ first Night King was originally going to play Ronin Mage in The Witcher

We all know that Vladimir Furdik, who played The Night King on HBO’s Game of Thrones was the fight choreographer for Netflix’s The Witcher, designing the fight scenes for Henry Cavill and the rest. But there is another rather surprising Game of Thrones connection we were unaware of. Costume designer Tim Aslam revealed via his

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The Witcher showrunner reveals her original pitch for season one, explains timelines

One of the most curious things about Netflix’s latest fantasy hit The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill, is the show’s overarching structure. Following three central characters whose stories play out in different frames of time, season one of the monster slaying drama left fans confused and enthralled in equal measure. Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich has a

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