Filming of The Witcher’s Season 2 to continue into 2021


With pre-production ramping up (again) for the second season of Netflix’s The Witcher, things get more or less into shape. Plans and schedules are no exception. While the global pandemic still makes everything quite uncertain and might continue to do so for some time, there is already a wrap date set for the Henry Cavill drama.

Redanian Intelligence has learned that filming of The Witcher Season 2 is currently planned to last until February 2021. As we always say, schedules are rarely ever set in stone and in the end the production could wrap up several days or even weeks earlier or later. Regardless, the current plan is now known and it makes things a little bit clearer.

As you will remember, filming will resume on August 17 this year. Wrapping up by February 2021 would mean an extended filming schedule. The overall filming time for Season 2 would be around 8 months including the five weeks that they did before the lockdown. Previously, Season 2 was scheduled to be filmed only for five and a half months from February 2020 to August 2020.

This is naturally a result of all the necessary precautions implemented in order to prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus disease and perhaps other factors.

Make sure you make those potions and decoctions before working during a pandemic!

So, when will The Witcher Season 2 be released?

We reported sometime ago that Platige Image, one of The Witcher‘s VFX studios, planned to complete their work by July 2021. Similarly, they completed their work for Season 1 by November 2019 and the show premiered in December 2019. It wouldn’t be a big stretch to assume that Netflix currently plans to release Season 2 around August 2021. Especially since Season 1 had a similar 6-7 month period of post-production.

The Path is long, yes, but we’ll make it. Redanian Intelligence will keep investigating anything that can be investigated.

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  1. As much as I can’t wait to see s2 I’m glad they take their time to make it right instead to rush the production bc of the hype. I’m happy with what I’m reading about s2 so far. Let’s hope when the filming starts to get a lot of bts details. Great work BTW! Thanks for all the info.

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