The Witcher news roundup: cast and crew arriving on set, new cast members and COVID-19 tests


The cast and crew of Netflix’s The Witcher are hard at work at Arborfield Studios, UK, preparing to resume filming in two weeks. Last time we reported that Henry Cavill and Freya Allan had returned to the studio.

This time showrunner Lauren Hissrich and Season 2 newcomers Mecia Simson (Francesca Findabair). Paul Bullion (Lambert) is back to sword training as well. We don’t know who else from the cast is back at the moment.

Apart from them, almost all crew are back at work, including director Sarah O’Gorman, who, it appears is only starting her work on The Witcher, not having had the chance to do so before the lockdown. Sarah will direct episodes 3 and 4 for the second season. To view her most recent work check out Cursed and the latest season of The Last Kingdom.

Other than her, Stephen Surjik is back as well, who was well into his sixth week of filming back when the lockdown happened.

Concerning the Coronavirus precautions on set, we’re hearing that everyone will be tested at least twice a week, maybe more.

Next up we have two new cast members. First is Tim Samuels, who will play a character named Elad. Tim is fairly tall (180cm) and Elad sounds a bit elven, so we’re assuming he could be an elf.

The second new addition for today is Anglo-Polish actress Ania Marson who is a film and TV veteran with nearly six decades of acting behind her. We don’t know which character she plays in The Witcher, but age-wise she matches the description of Ithlinne or the mysterious Voleth Meir, to name a few.

Tim Samuels and Ania Marson

The second season of The Witcher is expected to film until February 2021 with a release date later that year.

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  1. Please more scenes between Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer. The different time lines explored their characters separately and gave us Ciri’s and Yen’s journey before they meet geralt (which was great) but on the other hand they prevent us from having them together, seeing them building their relationships. Granted we had one season and now that we are done with the introdution of the characters give us more scenes together, give us emotional, fun and meaningful interactions. They are the heart of the story ffs. People couldn’t connect with Ciri because nobody cared about her interactions with Dara (which I liked but we know he’s an expandable character). Fans wanted Geralt-Ciri. I loved yennefer’s backstory but I couldn’t care less about her scenes with Istredd, a character who appears once in the novels. Fans wanted more Geralt-Yen. No wonder Geraskier were so popular. Yen and Geralt are the soul mates of the saga, the canon couple, give us time with them, their banter, their unconditional love, their mistakes and make ups and their time with Ciri which helps them grow as people and grow in their relationship. Let’s pray they’ll do that in s2. Lauren promised so but let’s hope she can deliver.

    1. One thing I can’t get over is that in The Last Wish Yennefer hears Geralt’s wish and is astonished he chose her and tied his fate to hers. That was such a beautiful and powerful moment b/c it was the first time someone chose her and it was the first time both of them experienced tenderness. I have no doubt they’ll fix that sooner than later and Yennefer will realize her feelings are real and we’ll get our powerful moment between them but why go for the unecessery drama? Then again who knows? Maybe we’ll get the: “I thought you’d be a stranger to me but nothing is change” and the reunion will be even more meaningful.

      1. I hope they can capture the essence and deepness of Geralt’s and Yen’s love. So far they’ve done a good job establishing the chemistry and attraction between the two (mostly because Cavill and Chalotra are great and they have a beyond of this world chemistry) but I hope they can go deeper. Their love is so much more. It’s pain and choice to be together no matter how hard it is sometimes. They are two damaged people who found tenderness in one another without even know what that is, they are two parents who want to protect their daughter above all and they are the kinkiest couple out there, not be able to keep their hands off of e/o. I want to see all that.

    2. This! All this. To fully establish each of the main characters before they start interact is a noble idea but come one producers, you know that the fans want. Give us the 🦄 and the beauty of that family.

  2. I can’t wait s2 to give us Geralt’s background and bring his fellow witchers so the show’s title can be accurate. And please more monsters fight like the striga. That was some awesome stuff. Same the fight with Renfri & her gang. Also we need more Geralt&Yennefer and hopefully they won’t move away from the books as much as they did in s1. I don’t expect or want a scene to scene adaptation and some changes I actually loved but when you change the soul of something that’s a no in my book. All in all s1 was good but they could do better with a few changes. Also can’t wait ILM to do its magic in s2.

  3. It was about time. I miss Geralt and Henry. Good luck to the team! Here’s to more monsters and more Geralt!

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