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Actor cast as ‘Doppler Cahir’ in season one of The Witcher

English actor Benjamin Chaffin has been cast as “Doppler Cahir” in the first season of Netflix’s The Witcher. Yes, you read that right. According to Chaffin’s CV ⁠— which has now been scrubbed of any mention of The Witcher ⁠— we’ll be seeing a doppler version of Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach, a knight from

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New confirmation of Emma Appleton replacing Millie Brady as Renfri

It has been more than two months since the ever-reliable NSFW blog Recapped shared the information that Millie Brady would no longer be playing Renfri in The Witcher. We at Redanian Intelligence made our investigations and placed our bets, and now Recapped strike again: yes, Emma Appleton is Renfri.

New evidence seems to reveal Millie Brady’s replacement as Renfri

“Who is the new Renfri?” This question has been looming over our heads ever since we learned that Millie Brady would no longer be playing the charismatic and dangerous princess from the short story “The Lesser Evil”. About a month ago we made an educated guess, and it seems we weren’t wrong!