Audition tapes for The Witcher prequel reveal a scientist, a sellsword, a prince and more

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Pre-production is underway for The Witcher: Blood Origin, the prequel to the main show that is said to be set around 1200 years before. Main star Laurence O’Fuarain is already frequenting Arborfield Studios for training and more. And recently we also found out that Jacob Collins-Levy would portray the fan-favorite villain Eredin in Blood Origin.

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Filming for Blood Origin is currently planned to begin on August 2, 2021 and last until late November. While we wait for that, we can take a look at some of the audition tapes for the show that is codenamed The Lark:

Utharis, the cynical sellsword

Now, the tiny issue with this particular tape is that we can’t hear any lines that are spoken by the person who Utharis is talking to, but nevertheless we can see and hear who Utharis is supposed to be. The tape is by actor Neil Fitzmaurice.

Sadly, we couldn’t make out some names he mentions, but here’s a transcription:

Magnificent, isn’t it? Such a heady mix. That sweet stench of sunrot on corpses, enemy fires and cesspits. Roasted meat and s**t have graced my nostrils so many a year that my mouth waters whenever I smell either of them.

Oh, they’re only beginning. You know those rotting corpses that we flung over on the siege catapult this morn? Well, my invention that was. Yeah, it came to me when we were laying siege to (Senapria?). Well, with this summer heat we should be expecting a plate and sweep through the city in a day or two. That will keep us on our toes, eh? 

I did! Yes, in fact, my right hand Balor run him through with a sawblade when we both found the fat bastard hiding in the chambermaid’s privy. I believe your uncle’s final words were: “But the […] tree!”. I know, there’s no accounting for final words, isn’t it? People say the strangest things: “Mother, s**t, kumquat.” We once had a woman sing the final verse of The Druid’s Hairy Daughter! Right there as she bled her last! 

Yes of course you can trust me! You’ve paid me three times as much as that f**k Gandal the Golden up there. You know, sellswords are much maligned, but you find me a more dedicated man than the ones swimming in the king’s coin and cunny, well I’ll give you my feedback. 

Well, the walls still hold, still got both me nuts, me men are well fed and well paid so that gives us at least a 20% chance of winning. If of course you wanted me to hire more men from Calanthia, say a legion of herons from the queen’s personal guard, then we’re talking a 50/50 chance that we get to spring with both our heads attached to our shoulders. 

50 million, give or take. Mainly give, actually. 

Quite, yeah. The physic blames it on all the blows I had to me noggin’ but I think it’s more of a case of all the galloping f**ktrots that I got when I visited the funhouses.

Oh, hello. Really? Well, some good news at last. It seems that Gandal the Golden is finally living up to his name. 

Well, he’s just agreed to pay me ten times the amount that you have. In advance. And what it means, prince dear, well it would appear that your luck has run short at last. 

If you are gonna come back to haunt me, will you bring me some wine from the gods? 

The first impression of Utharis, is of course, that he’s your typical sellsword type who will sell out his own mother for coin. Very similar vibes to Bronn of the Blackwater. Another thing is that he’s talking to a prince and the opposing side is a king called Gandal the Golden, an obvious nod to Gandalf the Grey.

It’s under question, whether the prince is Gandal’s son or whether he’s a prince from an opposing kingdom waging war on his father’s behalf. We’ll reserve speculation until we know more because as of now we know next to nothing about this series.

Then we have the name-drop of Balor. We have learned that Balor is a high-ranking old druid and some very big names have been offered the role, but ultimately passed. We still don’t know who is cast, but this is a big role.

Salliche, a scientist/inventor

Next up we have a man called Salliche, who is described as a very bright young elf, very much ahead of his time. He can be obsessed about his work and he’s very tempted to explore the far limits of magic and science.

The tape is by actor David Fawaz. Again, we couldn’t make out some of the words, but who the character is is pretty clear.

Salliche: Oh no…Oh no… S**t! Why? Why are you doing this to me?

Kaali: Talking […]

Salliche: I almost had it! It took two … then stopped … enter the … phase. Maybe it’s the oscillation thrown at the alloy track. 

Kaali: Am I gonna lose you to that thing?

Salliche: What?

Kaali: I’m just glad it doesn’t have an arse and a set of babs or you’d run away with it and I’d never see you again.

Salliche: Sorry. What.. What time is it? How is it night?

Kaali: It’s almost dawn, come, eat. 

Salliche: I can’t, I need to finish. 

Kaali: You need to not die.

Salliche: I know, I know. I’m not mad, you know. Despite what the council says, this can work. It will change everything! Fix everything! 

Kaali: Sal, stop it. 

Salliche: I wish I could. If I could just make it work even once, then.. 

Kaali: It wasn’t your fault.

Salliche: But it was! It was, Kal! No matter how much I dress it up, no matter how I try to hide behind fine words, they’re all dead because of me! Because I ran, because I was scared! This is my chance. If I could just get this to talk to the stones it would change everything. No more famine, no more thirst, no more wars, everyone will have what they need. 

Kaali: They will still be who they were before. 

Salliche: And it would happen all again, yeah, maybe. But if there’s even a chance we won’t f**k it up this time, that we would rise up together.. I have to try. A new Golden Age, Kal. Think of it! Because of this, because of me. And maybe if it works and I’d have done some good, maybe their ghosts will sleep easier and stop living in the corners of my eyes, mocking me for failing them. 

Kaali: Come, eat. 

Salliche: I’d be lost without you, you know. 

Kaali: You are lost anyway, you big idiot. 

Salliche: Just think, if I hadn’t tripped on that gangplanking […], I’d have never sprawn like a fresh lamb at your feet and heard that laugh. That’s when you had me you know. When you laughed and owned the entire world with that smile. I didn’t stand a cat’s herder’s chance. 

Kaali: No, you didn’t. Now come downstairs, the world will still need saving tomorrow. 

Salliche: Truth spoken. Tomorrow, you and I shall become fine friends. And you shall work. 

The first and most obvious thing from this tape is that Salliche’s wife is Kaali, a role that was being cast not very long ago. Kaali was described as a sweet handmaid to a royalty and a dedicated and loving wife to a genius, who supports him in his work.

The next thing is the council that was mentioned. Council of who? Could it be a very early version of the Council of Mages? Or something else?

Lastly, in the tape Sal seems to blame himself for a terrible tragedy that occurred in the past.

Gwyn, a brilliant assassin

The character of Gwyn or formerly known just as G is already known to us. The casting call for her was already circulating months ago and here is the description:

“A brilliantly sharp minded assassin with restricted growth. This character is a true wildcard, unafraid of carnage, violence and chaos. In fact, she revels in it.”

The tape is by actress Lucy North. Sadly, because of the audio quality, we don’t have a full transcription. Some lines are audible, some, sadly, aren’t.

As the pre-production is ramping up, we are bound to learn more and more things about The Witcher: Blood Origin. Stay tuned!

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  1. Jesus…who writes this crap?! I mean I know it’s casting custom written lines but by the gods of Kreve, Freya and Melitele it’s sooo bad. A bunch of completely random and completely disjointed characters that have nothing to do with witcher franchise whatsoever, I mean if they want prequel about ancient times with elven civilzation it should be using the culture of Aen Seidhe, the Aen Saevherne the Knowing Ones, the elven mages, the elven culture in the witcher books is somewhat described and how it was supposed to be in the past, it should be source for this prequel but what the hell is that?

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