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Redanian Archives: Behind the Scenes of The Witcher, Part VII

In this Redanian Archives, we’ll take a look behind the scenes of The Witcher’s filming in weeks 15 and 16 and, from what we can tell, it appears the show will stray quite significantly from the books. Read on for all we know about the filming of The Last Wish, a surprising duo filming in

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Redanian Archives: Behind the Scenes of The Witcher, Part V

In this Redanian Archives, we’re doing a deep dive behind the scenes of The Witcher’s January filming block. Here, the crew returned from their Christmas break to film scenes with director Alex Garcia Lopez, who’s in charge of season one’s third and fourth episodes. Week 9: Blue Screens and Prep Following a two-week Christmas break,

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Redanian Archives: Behind the Scenes of The Witcher, Part IV

After a short break, we’re back with another entry of Redanian Archives. For those unfamiliar, this series catalogues The Witcher‘s production week by week, with behind-the-scenes pictures and comparisons to released footage. Part IV will cover the crew’s return to Monostori Erod, where an important sequence was filmed: the Battle of Cintra. Week 7: Blood

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Redanian Archives: Behind the scenes of The Witcher, Part II

For those unfamiliar with our new behind-the-scenes series, Redanian Archives will be covering the entire duration of The Witcher‘s filming for its first season, week by week. In part one of the series, director Alik Sakharov began filming the show’s pilot episode, with lead Henry Cavill (Geralt) finally on set. In the second part of

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Henry Cavill, former Miss Hungary, screams and possible nudity during Vajdahunyad castle filming for The Witcher

March saw the production team of The Witcher visit Hungary’s Vajdahunyad Castle. During this three-day shoot on 27, 28 and 29 of March, Redanian Intelligence was able to piece together some clues on what was being filmed, including who was on set. Read on below!

Redanian Intelligence Exclusive: An Inside Look at Two Sets Used in The Witcher’s First Season

The last time @GoTlikeLocations was able to visit the set in Hungary, he brought us an inside look at the show’s filming of a Nilfgaardian siege. His next report gives a closer (and bloodier) look at The Witcher’s sets than we’ve ever seen before. Those concerned about the show’s production values following the Nilfgaardian armor

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